Preserving oils

I have read many times that oils (especially dry, light oils) can go off if not preserved properly. Well, it had never happened to me so I didn’t really care about it. Until yesterday. I had a mixture with rapeseed oil as the base, and some olive, jojoba and grapeseed oil that I had in a spray bottle for using as a body oil. But now it smelled really foul (apparently rancid rapeseed oil has one of the worst smells of all rancid oils) and had, weirdly enough, become slightly lighter in color. Luckily enough I hadn’t made a very big batch so it didn’t feel like a great tragedy that I had to throw it away.

The reasons to why the oil had gone off, is probably it’s contact with water. Now that I think about it, I think I didn’t let the bottle dry up very well after washing it, and so the oil was mixed with a little bit of water, which is never a good thing. Also I kept it in the bathroom, which is a very damp place, and I didn’t care about closing the bathroom cupboard door all of the time.

So I am going to take more care in the future. Here’s some tips on what to do to keep the oils good for a longer time:

  • Store in cool, dark and dry place Make sure you don’t keep your oils in a place that’s warmer than 40°, is not exposed to too much light or water.
  • Use a good vessel, the very best would be dark glass bottles. Just make sure that it is shut tight, and not made out of metal.
  • Vitamin E preserves the oils better (plus has lots of good qualities for the skin). Vitamin E can be found naturally in for example wheat germ oil and sunflower oil. Also it can be bought for the internet or from health shops. The capsuled vitamin E that you take as a food supplement works just as well.
  • Also a little bit of salt apparently keeps the oils from going bad. Never tried though.
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