Simple facial toners

Toners are easy to make yourselfFacial toners is one of the easiest things that you can make at home. What I do is basically that I have one toner that I put on after washing my face and then an oil that I apply afterward. In the toner I have everything that is water soluble and in the oil the oil soluble stuff. In that way there is no need to use all kinds of emulsions to make the water mix with the oil in a lotion or cream. I just don’t see the point really.

Today I made this toner:

  • 100 ml rose water
  • 50 ml aloe vera juice
  • 2 ml glycerin
  • about 10 drops essential oils of tea tree and lavender

Just mix everything together and, again, I prefer to have it in a spray bottle and spray it onto the face. Since the essential oils are in such small quantities, they can be mixed into the toner, but to be on the safe side it can be a good idea to shake the bottle before using.

Rose water can be used as a toner as it is The aromatic waters, like rose water, can be found from the pharmacy or from oriental grocery shops. Another favorite of mine is orange blossom water, but some people aren’t used to the smell. These aromatic waters are great as toners – 100% rose water works great as toner, or a mixture with a bit of orange blossom in it.

Glycerin moisturizes the skin, but is in no way essential for the toner. The amount of glycerin can be higher (it’s just quite “heavy” so it doesn’t work well with spray bottles), but about 5% is generally considered max nowadays.

Another great toner is herbal infusions. Just boil some herbs in plain water for a while and pour the water into a bottle (making sure you don’t leave any herb traces in it, that makes it go off quicker). Or just use the leftovers from your tea (herbal or green). Unfortunately the benefits of aromatic waters and aloe vera go off if you boil them, so if you want to add either you have to do it after boiling the herbs.

I keep my toner in the fridge, that way it stays nice longer, also the cold water closes the pores and feels refreshing (at least I think so). If you make a big batch, you can freeze some of it into ice cube trays, and then just take out one every time you need more. If you’re brave you can even run the ice cube over your face upon taking it out, for a really cold toner.

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