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I haven’t washed my hair with shampoo in over a year. And my hair has never felt better.

See, many shampoos are actually really damaging for hair and scalp. One of the reasons for this is Sodium Layrul sulfate, which I already mentioned when talking about toothpaste. SLS dries out your hair and scalp something terrible, but can still be found in almost all shampoos on the market.

Two other culprits might be silicones and proteins. They both cause build-up in the hair. But this varies greatly from person to person, some hair types love protein/silicones while to some they are a complete nightmare.

Okay, so no more bad shampoo! Then what? There are millions of methods of cleaning your hair that doesn’t include shampooing, from using only water to making your own advanced mixtures. Personally I’ve been using a few different methods among other things the so called Conditioner only (CO) method, and washing with rhassoul clay.


Even though my hair feels a lot better after cutting out the SLS and proteins, I still haven’t found the one method that suits me perfectly. That is why I decided to do a test. For the following four months, I will go through some different ways of washing the hair to see which one suits me and my hair type best. I will try each one for two weeks, and then provide you with a report of how it worked on me, and my boyfriend whom I also convinced into becoming a lab rat. I’ll avoid any kind of hair product, to give as exact an image of the method as possible, nor I will use any extra ingredients such as essential oils or herbs, that I otherwise would have used.


Since my hair type is quite classical, I think me testing the washing methods can provide quite a general idea of how they work.  I have normal hair, but more towards the greasy edge than dry. I don’t need to wash that often, 2-3 times a week max. My hair is straight with a slight wave, shoulder length, medium thick hair and hair strands. A corkscrew, dry hair type will most likely not like the same washing method as I will, but I hope that this test still will provide everybody with an overall look of these ways of washing the hair.


Now here is a list of all the methods that L and I are going to go through. These are just some methods that I have liked or am interested in trying, and there are heaps of other ways to go about it as well. If you have some method or other that you love, or that you would love to know if works, let me know and I can add it to the list! Also I’m looking for tips on eco shampoo/condish and shampoo bar brands.

So, we’re starting out with the shampoo free, or the no ‘poo method, tonight. I have never tried it before but I’m really looking forward to it. Check back in two weeks to see how it went.

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Ready, set – go!

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  1. Vivi

    Wohoo! Sounds great. Don’t think I’ll benefit though. My hair (or actually my scalp) causes me lots of problems. It’s really dry and itchy and, because of the dryness, flaky most of the time. Switched to an eco-shampoo without SLS, but that didn’t really work. Pity, since it was a pretty darn expensive shampoo. Now I’ve mostly been using one go of that eco-shampoo and then one go of this anti dandruff/scalp soothing regular shampoo and that sort of helps, but my scalp is still quite dry (probably becuase of the SLS in the anti-dandruff) and flakes a bit. Nothing really seems to help. My brother has the same problem and my dad used to have it (when he still had hair) so it’s most likely inheritable. Any ideas dear Hilda?

  2. hilda

    I bet that’s annoying! I know you’ve asked me about this before, don’t remember what i said though. Some ideas:
    – massage some aloe vera into the scalp and onto the length, before or after showering (if you do it after it also works as a light hair gel). Rissa should have some I think.
    – Apple cider vinegar could help balance the scalp. Mix about 1 tsp ACV with 1 dl water and rinse with cold water after your normal shampoo routine.
    – jojoba oil is said to be good against dandruff and dry scalp. Also ginger root, you could try letting a few pieces of ginger soak in some oil, for about two weeks and then massage into scalp and hair lengths before washing the hair normally.
    Here’s a list of essential oils that you could add to the oil or to any shampoo you use:
    Mot torr och kliande hårbotten: Kamomill, lavendel, pepparmynta, perubalsam, sandelträ, tea tree.
    Mot mjäll: Bergamott, cederträ, citron, citrongräs, cypress, enbär, eukalyptus, geranium, kajeput, lagerblad, lavendel, muskatellsalvia, myrra, nard, niaouli, patchouli, rosmarin, salvia, sandelträ, tagetes, tea tree, timjan.
    – To lower the impact of the SLS in the dandruff shampoo, just massage some basic conditioner into the scalp before applying the shampoo (don’t wash inbetween). It will protect the scalp somewhat from the SLS and other possibly damaging stuff. Preferably use a silicone free, the cheapest one, that I use, is actually X-tra balsam, costs 1 euro for 500 ml, or erittäin hieno (only the basic, white bottle).

    Good luck! 🙂 (and I heard you’re leaving, you bastard! I’ll miss you)

    1. hilda

      Good idea, Roh! What’s your deodorant powder called?
      Sometimes if I haven’t had time to wash my hair, I put a bit of plain talcum powder in it. The talc absorbs the fat and the hair doesn’t need to be washed for another day or two. I don’t know if it would work long term though, there might be a powdery build-up after a while. But I’ll check out the options and see if there’s anything worth trying!

      1. Roh

        My deodorant’s called “The Greeench” (yes, with three E’s). When I bought it the clerk said it’s their best deodorant. There’s also at least one other kind of powder deodorant and I guess that one could also be used as schampoo as well. The largest ingredient in the deodorant is talc but there’s lots of other stuff there too.

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