Don’t Throw It Away – Throw It In You Face!

We are wasteful people. Did you know that in the western parts of the world, around 20-50 percent of edible food is thrown away, either because there are left overs or because the food has gone off? This is not only a huge environmental issue, it’s also great waste of money. Stewart calculated that his family used to spend around 1000 dollars a year on food that went straight to the garbage!

So what can you do about all this? Well there are lots of ways to reuse or preserve food that would normally go off – check out this great list of tips by Care2 for instance, or the Love Food Hate Waste project. And of course, the simplest answer is – buy less!

Food that should be used in beauty care

But one thought that you might not have considered is putting food waste in your face instead. Yes, that’s right, you’re throwing out lots of stuff that could give you a free luxury spa (or at least the feel of it afterwards).

Of course I don’t mean that you should put old moldy food in your skin care regime. But some groceries that you might not want to eat could still be quite fine to use in skin care. When something is a few days past its best before, that you don’t want to eat any longer, it might still be quite fine to use in skin or hair care. There are also all kinds of fruit peels that you can use before throwing out. Just make sure that what you’re using is clean and free of dirt etc.

Here’s a list of a few things I can think of that should be in your face instead of your garbage can. Do you have any tips?

  1. Potato peel – leave a couple of potato peels on your undereye area for up to 20 minutes to prevent dark circles or puffy eyes.
  2. Lemon peel – when you have squeezed the juice out of a lemon, dip your fingernails into the lemon and rub for a few minutes. Afterward you can massage the cuticles a little and rinse with warm water. This will brighten and strenghten your nails.
  3. Orange peel – Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C, that work as a light sunblock. Orange will also tighten skin and works against acne. Rub the insides of an orange peel over face and neck, rinse after 20 minutes. Also, Swathy at Perfect skin care has a great idea about drying the peels and then grinding them to use in a body scrub!
  4. Avocado peel – Avocado contains a lot of fatty acids that are great for skin and hair. And after using an avocado, there’s probably still a little left in the peel (if not – leave some!). Rub the peel over your face or hair, or scrape it the last pieces of avocado out. Leave on for 20 minutes.
  5. Avocado seeds can be used as scrubbing agents! Using a sharp knife or a hammer, break the kernel in a few pieces, then leave to dry for a few days. Then you can run the seed in a blender until you have a fine powder. Mix this with oil or yogurt or just rub on your skin as it is for an exfoliation that will leave you with glowing skin. You can do this with other seeds as well, such as apricot or tomato.
  6. Dairy products – When you’re skeptical about using the milk, yogurt or cream that you have in your fridge in your food, but before it’s all clumpy and disgusting, you can still use it in skin care. Make a face mask with a dairy product as the fluent ingredient. Or add some to a foot bath for some luxury relaxation. All this applies for coconut milk as well.
  7. Cucumber – if you, like me, like to press out the juice from the cucumber when making tzatsiki or similar sauces, you can save the cucumber juice and use straight off as a face toner, or as the liquid ingredient in any skin care recipe that will be used within a few days. Also the very ends of the cucumber that you don’t want to eat, you can cut in to coins and put on your eyes, classical style.
  8. Tomato – I really hate soggy tomatoes, especially in salads or on bread. But they’re perfect for skin care! Run a tomato in the blender, or remove the seeds, and leave on your face for 15-20 minutes. Voilà – instant anti-acne face mask!
  9. Exotic fruit – same thing here, if you have some mango, papaya or other colorful fruit (generally, color = vitamins = good for your skin) that’s a bit soggy and not very tasteful – just put it in your face instead!
  10. Tea bags (also herbal tea) – rub the tea bag over your face as a skin toner. Or leave on your eyes to prevent puffy eyes.
  11. Coffee After you’ve had your morning coffee, jump in the shower and scrub your body (not face) with the coffee powder. You’re guaranteed to wake right up and get amazingly glowing skin at the same time! Extra bonus if you have cellulite or varicose veins, as the coffee will help fight them!
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  1. Jim @ Superfood Profiles

    More people should try this. I most often use the inside of avocado, papaya and pineapple peels on my face. They seem to work far better than any skin treatment I’ve ever bought. You can keep them in the fridge for a few days and use them morning and night. Your page has given me some more ideas to try. Thanks!

    1. hilda

      Hey Jim, so glad you like it! This is really something I wish more people would come to realize – that they are throwing away some really amazing skin care ingredients when they throw away peels and kernels. This, if anything, is 100% natural and environmental friendly! Just the other day, I bought a whole bunch of super cheap bananas that were about to go off to freeze down and use in smoothies. When I looked at the huge pile of banana peels that was left after I just couldn’t throw it all out. So I tried a couple of tips I had heard of – shoe shine and teeth whitener. I rubbed som of the peel on my leather shoes, and another one on my teeth. And both shoes and teeth were so shiny afterward! I should really add this to my list 🙂

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