Natural Flu Remedies

This is a guest post by Anthony Garcia. 
As we approach winter, the risk of getting the flu or a cold steadily begins to rise. If you are like everyone else, you want to do everything you can to avoid getting sick. For many winter is one of the busiest times of the year. Between work, social obligations and preparing for the holidays, as well as homework and finals for students working toward completing undergraduate or graduate programs online, there may be so much on your plate that it seems like getting sick will only slow you down. Thankfully there a number of home-based, medically proven natural remedies that will not only shorten the length of your cold or flu symptoms, but can also help deter illness in the future by boosting your immune system.Most importantly, stay hydrated. Drink lots of liquids, especially water. Healthy hydration of your system alleviates nasal congestion and mucus build up. Besides being easily accessible and rather cheap, the higher your body’s water content, the less viscous mucus becomes, making it easier to expel so that your sinuses can drain more effectively.

If you have access to a humidifier, take advantage of it when you are feeling your worst. Studies have shown that breathing the steam and moist air produced by humidifiers ease nasal congestion and the pain of a sore throat by introducing microscopic water molecules in the areas where you need them most. This is another reason why hot soups and liquids are also highly recommended during illnesses, as tea and soup steam will have a similar effect.

Strange as it may sound, gargling with salt water can also help ease the worst of your sore throat pains and bring temporary relief. About a teaspoon of sea salt in warm water four times a day should be all that you need. Viscous gargles made with honey, which are very popular in home remedy kits, have also been shown to help by coating the throat and providing the body with natural allergens.

For stuffed up noses and massive sinus infections, some doctors recommend a nasal irrigation and will mention Neti Pots. Neti Pots are fairly easy to come by; any local whole foods store or drugstore should have them. If not, a small saline bottle will do as well. By pouring water, often times warm salt water, through one nostril, the solution will drain your nasal passages and send the debris out the opposite nostril. You do not need to do this often, certainly no more than twice a day.

If nothing seems to working, several different vitamins have also been shown to lessen the severity of colds and flue while simultaneously boosting your immune system. Natural food stores and drugstores often have aisles of supplements available. If you are not taking a multi-vitamin, supplements oil of oregano, vitamin D and C, zinc, cod liver iil can help relieve some suffering. These supplements are all natural with no risk of any major side effects.

Along with these suggested natural treatment options, there are a handful of other tips to hasten the passing of your cold. Make sure you get plenty of rest. Avoid junk food and alcohol. Do not overstress your system, since your body is already doing enough fighting the sickness. Make sure to wash your surroundings to avoid spreading germs. The great thing about these home remedies is not only are they easy on your wallet, but they are also natural for your body and have no negative effects on you or the environment.

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