The 5 Best Apps For Your Toxic-Free Life

Smartphones and tablets have really become a widespread phenomenon, and there are no limits to the kinds of apps you can get to your phone. But when I was going to look up some good no ‘poo apps I noticed that there were really few of them. I still managed to get myself a few, and by thinking a bit creatively I found no ‘poo-uses for apps actually meant for cooking.

Here are my five favorite apps that come in handy when you’re either making your own skin care products, or when you’re shopping for good products. All of them, except for one, are free. Enjoy!

For making your own cosmetics

Recipe convert

There are a whole bunch of converter apps out there, but this is the one that I found works best. It’s of course made originally for coverting food recipes, but works just as well if your making a homemade beauty product.
The great thing about this specific recipe converter is, firstly, that it can convert some ingredients from weight to volume or the other way around. You an find quite a lot of ingredients here whose weight/volume ratio is registered, like baking soda, many herbs and spices and eggs. Another great thing about this converter is that you can set a specific yield – so if you have a recipe with american measures that you want in european, but you also want to make just half the recipe, you don’t have to first convert and then divide it by half, it can do it for you automatically.

Available for Android


Another thing that can be very handy is a cookbook. But instead of storing recipes of chocolate pudding and chili con carne, you can add your recipes of strawberry lip balm and papaya face mask! For Android, MyCookBook is the best recipe organizer that I have come across. It’s very simple but works very well for DIY beauty as well. You can have categories and add pictures to the recipes too, if you like.

Available for Android

For shopping toxic-free


With this app, you can look up specific products or ingredients, and get a green, yellow, orange or red light depending on it’s impact on the environment and your health. A great thing about this app is that you can save your favorite products and make a list of everything you’ve already labeled good. Unlike the other apps, it’s not free, but a single dollar isn’t much to fuss about.

Available for iPhone


This app I haven’t tried, but it seems very handy. I love GoodGuide the web site so I’m pretty sure the app would be great too. I don’t know if they have a problem with androids at the moment or if it’s just my phone, but it says it’s not compatible. I know it should work with iPhone at least.
GoodGuide gives different products scores depending on their toxicity and environmental impact. With the app, you can even scan a bar code and get the information automatically.

Available for iPhone & Android

Ingredients watch

This is another handy app for looking up cosmetic ingredients, and see if they are safe to use. You just type in an ingredient and it will show you if it’s safe to use or not. Requires a bit more effort than the GoodGuide app, but it’s not always you can find your products with GoodGuide.

Available for iPhone


And now I want to hear about all the apps you use to make your toxic free life easier! Share, share! And what would be your dream app? Hey, I’m gonna study app design next semester so who know, you might see it come true 😉

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