Get Amazing Hair With These 15 Quick-Fixes

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I say that my hair is a very important part of how I choose to present myself. Few things can change ones appearance so drastically as a new hair cut and color. And the conclusions that people draw from just a hair cut are incredible; I’m sure you get associations just from these words: dreadlocks, peroxide blonde, mohawk, ginger.

Although I am well aware of the mighty impact of hair, alas I am too lazy to doo much about it. I rarely make special up-dos and always forget to redye my hair, leaving nasty regrowths. So for my own sake just as much as for yours, I gathered some super-easy tips on how to improve the quality of your hair with almost no effort. Some of these tips are more a matter of changing your habits, but I assure you, if you just try out a few of these, your hair is indeed going to look amazing.

Avoid damage to hair

  1. Every time you wash your hair, finish off with a cold water hair rinse. This will close up the hair follicles resulting in shiny hair.  Do this only after you have washed out all shampoo/whatever you use to wash your hair.
  2. When washing your hair, use lukewarm water. Too hot water might damage your hair in the same way as a blowdryer, and result in brittle hair. Too cold water might not wash out the products you have used to wash your hair.
  3. Which leads us to the next point – avoid using heat on your hair. Blow driers and curling irons will be damaging for your hair in the long run. Whenever possible, let your hair air dry. And remember, it’s not the end of the world to go out with damp hair (unless it’s -20 C outside, then you should not go out with damp hair. Trust me).
  4. Don’t wash your hair too often. Try cutting down to a couple of times a week. Your hair will adjust to the new routine relatively quickly. If you think that greasy hair is the end of the world, use a dry shampoo while your hair is adjusting.
  5. Using bedsheets made of satin will minimize the damage on your hair.
  6. Let your hair air dry, or dry it with a microfiber towel. Don’t ever rub your hair with the towel, just wrap it around your hair.
  7. For detangling, use a wooden comb or finger comb. Boar bristle brushes don’t really detangle much, but can help a bit.

Shiny hair

  1. No matter what hair washing method you use, finish off with an apple cider vinegar hair rinse. ACV helps restore your natural pH-balance, and give you shiny, strong hair. Mix 1 part ACV with about 6 parts water, and rinse your hair with it after showering, no need to wash it out. If you have it in a well-closed bottle, you can keep it for a few days even in the bathroom.
  2. Coconut oil / argan oil in the hair after washing will give you shine and help fight static hair. Just take a one or two drops in the palms of your hands and apply to the lengths of your hair.
  3. A nourishing treatment with olive oil every now and again is a great way of adding shine to your hair. Apply generously all over your hair and leave on for at least 30 minutes, even over night. Applying shampoo or conditioner to your hair when it’s still dry will make the oil come out easier when washing it out.

Natural ways for hair growth

  1. Rosemary essential oil is a great all-round ingredient for the hair! It is especially good for speeding up hair growth, as it aids the blood circulation in the scalp. Add a few (2-7) drops straight in your shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair rinse or anything you put in your hair and scalp.
  2. Applying castor oil to your hair will aid hair growth. Read more here.

Volume and curly hair

  1. Cassia, or neutral henna, adds all the benefits of henna but without the color. Make a hair pack with cassia every now and again and you will notice fantastic volume and strength in your hair.
  2. Cocoa powder works wonders as a dry shampoo, and at the same time it gives great volume and texture to your hair. Plus you’ll smell like a box of chocolates all day long! Works best for darker hair types.
  3. Want curls, but no heat? There are many ways you can get those beautiful locks anyway. My suggestion is the sock bun.

I’m sure there are a lot of just as easy tips that I forgot to add to this list. Do you have any suggestions?

BONUS: Also check out my first aid for hair emergencies

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  1. Vivi

    I swim a lot – both in the sea and in pools. Salt water does give that bleached beach babe-look, but at the same time it really dries out hair and scalp! I started putting coconut oil in my hair before going for a swim to protect it from getting dried out. Now I started doing the same for the pool, because highly chlorinated water is just as bad. (And I actually started using it on my skin as well, because my skin hated the water just as much as my hair!).

    Another tip – beauty really comes from the inside! Eating the ingredients that your hair and skin loves, and not eating the stuff it hates, can work wonders. My skin and scalp is a bazillion times happier since I started avoiding products made from cows milk completely. And same goes to say for my boy friend.

    1. hilda

      Yeah, I should start putting something in my hair when I go swimming as well. Last time I was on a charter vacation I always applied conditioner to my hair before I went to the pool and then washed it out afterward, I found that worked quite nicely as well. But now I’ve been on the water only method so I basically don’t put anything in my hair and thus I’ve just tied my hair up when I’ve gone swimming. Also I’ve been a bit afraid that they won’t like it that much, I don’t know if it affects the water at all.

      And that’s so true about that what you eat affect your skin. We’ve been eating vegan this month (with the exception of going to restaurants, then we haven’t bothered skipping dairy products) and I really feel that my skin has cleared up just in these few weeks. I wrote a post on that a while back: I think the most important part is just to get a varied diet with many different kinds of vegetables, that way you’ll probably get the vitamins and minerals needed.

      1. Jamie

        I have a pool and my husband loves us to all go in it almost every day in the summer. I don’t want to put any oil in it because that will pollute the water and then I’ll be out there cleaning it out. I usually wrap my hair into a bun on top of my head (it’s about halfway down my back), secured with a scrunchie. I don’t usually have a lot of damage from the chlorinated water (although I don’t keep it really high), but as I’m trying to make some changes in my beauty routine, I was wondering if you have any non-water affecting things I could do to protect my hair. The only thing I can think of is to wear a swim cap.

        1. hilda

          What do you think about applying conditioner to your hair? Do you think that will pollute the water as well? That’s the only thing I can come to think of at the moment. And yes, swim caps of course. Maybe apply conditioner and then a swim cap on top of that even?

          1. Jamie

            I’ve learned (the hard way lol) that everything that goes into the pool affects the water’s balance. Even bodies, lol. The pH balance is thrown off by many things… I am constantly adding pH minus (an acid) to keep it in the right range. Hmmm.. I wonder if an ACV rinse right after swimming would help. I’ll have to research that. Anyway, oils and other things like that will sit on top of the water and go into the pump and filter and can clog them, coat them, etc. and I surely can’t afford to replace them! lol So I’m not keen on trying those. We had a family member visit who went swimming several times with suntan oils on. It was a real job cleaning that out! So I’m afraid that any oil would do the same. Thank you for your suggestions! I’ll keep researching and see what I can find out. Great site! Love your beauty tips!

          2. hilda

            Yeah, I understand the problem. I guess it’d be more or less the same no matter what kind of product you use … Let me know if you find out something that will help! ACV sounds logical though, maybe even rinse through your hair before swimming as well, I don’t know.

    1. hilda

      Good tip, I’ve also made a tincture with the acv where I basically just put some spices into the bottle and let it stand for a couple of weeks. Last time I used some coffee beans, cinnamon and maybe something else that I don’t remember now. I put it in partly because I was hoping it would make my hair a shade darker (couldn’t really tell much of a difference though) but I also noticed that the smell of vinegar was much milder.

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  3. Qbrium

    svar, “Marja Entrich som MLM-företag”: haha, det är så sjukt hur man kan bli lurad bara för att man köper ett visst märke. Crearome har lite olika varianter på avokadoolja. Jag har tidigare haft en avocadoolja från crearome som är mörkt grön, precis som den ME säljer. Bilden är bara googlad för att man skulle se förpackningen och skillnaden på storleken. Men det var absolut en bra poäng!

    Nu måste jag kika in din blogg, sen ser härlig ut!

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  5. Urban Earthworm

    I am inspired with so many comments. First: Great post!
    I am very guilty of taking showers that are much too hot for my hair, but I’ve been getting better.

    My hair must be very pourous, because I have a hell of a time getting oil treatments out by any means. I highly recommend applying oil only to wet hair if anyone else has this issue. Not as much of an issue with coconut oil.

    Coco powder is awesome.

    I also read once many years ago that the best way to protect your hair during sleep is to wear it in a loose braid.

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