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The first brand in the Company Checkup post series is a brand that was completely new to me: Antho, formerly Anthology Organics. Antho was recommended to me when I asked for companies to look through, as a positive example of organic skin care brands. I chose to start with Antho because, not only do they start my alphabetic list, they were also very quick with replying to my email, which I sent out last summer.

Antho is a vegan skin care line with products containing 99-100% USDA certified organic ingredients. In a brochure I was emailed they claim that their products contain “no bad chemicals” and “no junk whatsoever”. Yup, sets the bar pretty high doesn’t it? But do they live up to their promises?


First, let me include the answers to the email I sent out, which was answered by Julia Homs. (click the question to see the answer)


 As off putting as it may initially sound, just natural means very little to me. Conventionally produced ingredients can be loaded with pesticides, GMO’s, solvents and other nasties and still be considered natural. Natural things can be good for you (cooking oils) and they can be poison (some essential oils like tuja). We go beyond natural and choose organically grown ingredients that by definition must be pure as nature intended – grown without any chemicals and GMO’s. But it’s not all – even organic ingredients can be extracted with methods that involve high heat. That kills most of the nutrients in the oils, but they’re still technically organic. Therefore, as Beauty Purists, we select ingredients that are not just organic, but also cold pressed and unrefined. Organic and gently extracted is what really constitutes natural for us.

 Absolutely pure ingredients. Organic, cold-pressed and unrefined – loaded with goodness. No chemicals, no water, no toxic preservatives and synth


 According to research, organically grown ingredients contain a lot more nutrients and antioxidants, than conventionally grown, and also they are pesticide free – no toxins, more nutrients for your skin and body! This nurtures your overall health and acts as the ultimate prevention plan. Plus, on a bigger scale, by choosing organic you support family farms and help keep our earth, water and air free from pollution. Recently, scientists found out that a certain pesticide is repsonsible for the collapse of bee population in the US – this is the major threat to food supply. That’s how important it is to go organic.

 As organic, vegan and eco-friendly company, it’s one of our primary concerns. You cant call yourself an organic & natural company and utilize tons of plastic, excessive packaging, and toxic ingredients. Ou principles are reduce-reuse-recycle and we follow them every day in our manufacturing and shipping practices as well as other areas. We reuse and minimize shipping supplies, never use excessive packaging, most our packaging is recycled (40-100%). The fact that we use only organically grown and GMO free ingredients also makes us an eco-friendly company.

We’re cruelty free and vegan company, we support PETA in their effort to enstate animal rights and wellbeing. We’re also a family of vegetarians and huge animal lovers! It pains us to know that animal testing is still being conducted in some labs for the purpose of “beauty”. To those who believe that animal testing is a necessary precaution – it’s not. It’s not always possible to extrapolate animal testing data to human health, so essentially this is totally worthless.

Lastly, I asked about the ingredients. The ingredient lists on their website seemed rather short and it didn’t explicitly say that they were INCI listings (in which you have to write out every ingredient), so just to double check I asked if these listings were complete, which she assured me they were.



So let’s have a look at the product range. Antho has a variety of skin care products for body and face, among other things body butters, face washes, soaps and scrubs. I picked out three products at random to show their ingredient lists:

Lavender Citrus – Southern Blend – Organic Body Oil

Price: $15.95
Ingredients: organic soybean oil*, organic sunflower oil*, organic macadamia oil*, organic golden jojoba oil*, organic rosehip oil*, organic grapeseed oil*, organic patchouli essential oil*, organic geranium essential oil*, organic spearmint essential oil*, organic food grade flavors*, natural GMO free tocopherols (natural vitamin E, not synthetic tocopheryl acetate)

Coffee Bean – Organic Body Scrub

Price: $19.95
Ingredients: organic brown sugar*, organic soybean oil*, organic coconut oil*, organic shea butter*, organic orange essential oil*, organic spearmint essential oil*, organic peppermint essential oil*, organic food grade flavors*, organic alkanet root*, organic rosemary extract*

Organic Lavender Hydrosol Toner – online exclusive

Price: $13.95
Ingredients: 100% certified organic Lavender hydrosol
* USDA certified organic ingredients
As you can see, the ingredients are almost all certified organic, and it’s also very easy to understand what they are. The only non-organic ingredient listed is the vitamin E.


After having looked through the company profile and the product ingredients, I can only give Antho thumbs up. They have a clear vision which they seem to fully follow in all stages of the production, including vegan products and a striving towards using recycled material in the packaging. If I had to find something negative to say, it’s that the last product above, the lavender toner is rather pricey for just one ingredient. Lavender hydrosol can be found in cosmetic raw material shops for a lot cheaper than this. Another thing is that, although most of the products come in glass, a few are packaged in recycled PET-bottles. Although recycled material is of course a very good and eco-friendly thing, PET is still a plastic which can cause release hormone disrupting chemicals if heated or kept for a long time. But this is definitely bordering on nitpicking – Antho is definitely a brand worth checking out.

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