Romantic Homemade Recipes Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Nowadays, I don’t really open my calendar much. I just go to work, work, and go home. But today, for a change, I did, and to my surprise I noticed that Valentine’s Day is just a couple of days away! Maybe you want to make a special gift for your Valentine, or maybe you just need something to spice up your life while waiting for spring. In any case, take a look at these recipes I’ve found here and all around the internet for romantic gift ideas.

1. Massage oil

This massage oil is still my favourite homemade Valentine’s Day gift. The fact that it contains actual chocolate makes it so decadent and sexy.

Chocolate Massage Oil

Other massage recipes:

  1. Cruchy Betty – Make Your Own Love Balm 
  2. Edible Massage Oil

2. After shave

If your Valentine is a man, who shaves, he’s probably going to like this! If he likes rum and vodka, all the better – these are key ingredients in this homemade after shave. The herbs and spices used can be changed according to what smells he likes.

As a bonus, buy a cut-throat razor and a badger brush.

Homemade After Shave – Hildablue


3. Cologne/Perfume

Perfume is such a romantic gift! (never mind that our natural scent is actually what attracts us to each other) Solid perfume is a great way to present this present. A perfume is a truly great gift to show you care, as you can even personalize it with his/her favourite scents.

Patchouli Tangerine Solid Perfume – Fresh Picked Beauty

Other perfume or cologne recipes:

  1. Sensual perfume and eau de cologne recipes
  2. Solid Perfume recipes – Crunchy Betty
  3. Lena’s Perfume (woodsy mix – Fresh Picked Beauty
  4. Peace, Cologne Recipe


4. Bath candies

 These bath candies are perfect to make and give to your Valentine. They’re actually my idea from the start but Chrunchy Betty made some really nice versions of them, that are admittedly a lot better than the ones I came up with to start with. Just make sure you point out that they are not to be eaten! 🙂

Moisturizing Bath Candy: THE Hot Valentine Craft

More Bath Recipes

  1. Homemade Bath Salts For a Romantic Bath
  2. Hot Cocoa Bath Soak
  3. Super Sexy Bath Oil


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    1. hilda

      Thanks 🙂 The chocolate massage oil will actually not be quite as dark as the picture shows, and i don’t find that it’s more messy than any other oils (which, granted, can be a bit messy at times)

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