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With the Easter holidays soon over, I bet you have more than a couple of extra eggs lying around in your fridge, just waiting to be used. What better way to use then than to use them in your skin care regime? Eggs will strengthen and rejuvenate hair as well as skin. Here’s a few of my favorite egg recipes!

Egg face masks

Egg pore strips (video)

This is a simple way of making your own homemade pore strips from egg white. I’ve tried this a couple of times but it hasn’t worked really well for me, but then I didn’t try with the tissue,  so maybe this works better. I wouldn’t recommend using this every 3 days like she says, because it can be very harsh for the skin, I’d say once a week is absolute max.

Galbanum & Manuka Honey Egg White Face Mask

Here’s a really simple egg white face mask with honey, orange blossom water and essential oil. I think you could use real egg whites (or whole eggs) instead of using powdered.

Heal acne scars

Another face mask that is quite similar to the one above, but the focus is to remove acne scars. But in my opinion, you can use this as any other moisturizing face mask.


Use the eggshells

Eggshell dusting powder

I haven’t tried this, but as soon as I have the possibility I will. Many people seem to like powdered eggshells as a face powder to get rid of shine. From the comments, it seems as the most convenient solution to the powdering problem is to use an electric coffee grinder (which would have been my guess as well). You can also run the powdered eggshells through a sieve to make sure the larger pieces are gone.

10 uses for leftover eggshells

This is a great comprehensive list of things you can do with your eggshells. I really like the idea of using eggshells as coffee sweetener and as garbage disposal cleaner .


Egg hair care

Egg shampoo

If you want to see the results from my egg shampoo trial, check out the link above. I didn’t like the egg shampoo all too well but I know there are a lot of people who swear by it, so give it a tyr if you like. I’d use a bit less olive oil than in the recipe I used, it can be pretty hard to get out.

Coconut oil hair treatment with egg yolk

This  is a really nice nourishing treatment for your hair. If you know that oil doesn’t get out of your hair well, apply some conditioner to your hair before wetting it, this way the mixture will be easier to get out.

Egg white hair mousse

Egg whites are great to use as a hair mousse. I really love how the consistency is the same as with storebought hair mousse. You can add a few drops of essential oil if you’re worried that your hair would smell of eggs (it doesn’t).

Egg in hair care

Crunchy Betty has some really nice tips on how to incorporate eggs into your regular hair care routine.

Yogurt egg hair mask

Here’s another really nice homemade egg hair mask with yogurt and lime juice. Should be easier to get out than the hair masks with oil.

Egg dying

Pantone easter eggs

There’s not really any particular reason for me posting these, other than that I think they’re really nifty and pretty.

Natural easter egg dyeing

Here are some very nice ideas on how to use natural colors to dye your easter eggs.


And finally, don’t forget this kind of easter-related post:

How To Look Like A Chicken (or The Turmeric Experience)

Now, how are you going to use up your leftover eggs?

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