Fluoride On Your Teeth – Or Soap?

A while back, I came across this interesting article about toothpaste. The blog post claims that toothpaste is unnecessary and will quite possibly do more harm than good. In fact, the author uses soap to wash her teeth! Sounds pretty nasty, don’t you think?

I am still very confused about using or not using fluoride. On the one hand, I do believe that fluoride helps prevent caries and cavities, but that’s not really the issue. The question is, are the negative effects of fluoride bad enough to skip it. And would it be enough to use a bit less fluoride, and if so, how much fluoride should you use? Many countries add fluoride to the water, so it’s more or less impossible to completely avoid fluoride. 

It is a well established fact that excessive amounts of fluoride can cause fluorosis, which will actually cause discolored and uneven teeth. Fluorosis is not very uncommon; according to WebMD, one in every four Americans aged 6–49 has fluorosis, and the amount of people has only increased. Fluoride can also be one of the main causes for Perioral dermatitis, a rather common skin condition.

Teeth without fluoride My fluoride-free teeth

Well, curious as I am about all things natural, I did skip my toothpaste a few months back. I used my African black soap to wash my teeth for about a month. I was a bit intimidated by it at first, but I must say it didn’t taste bad at all. Well, basically, it didn’t taste like anything.

So I used this method for about a month. The results? I did feel that my teeth were clean, they didn’t get coated as quickly as when I used toothpaste. One thing I noticed was that I had a worse breath than before, so I created a homemade mouthwash that I used regularly. About three weeks in, I had an appointment with the dentist, who thought my teeth looked very well. Scared as I am of conflict, I didn’t tell her that I hadn’t been using toothpaste for three weeks, though.

After a month, I don’t really know what happened, but I started  using toothpaste again. I don’t know why, I just did it one time and then I continued. It wasn’t a conscious decision really, and I could very well imagine going back to the African Black Soap. I sometimes use children’s toothpaste instead of adult toothpaste, because it contains less fluoride, and I think that’s enough. I also know some people who brush with fluoride once a day and with a non-fluoride toothpaste once.

Now, what’s your opinion on fluoride? Do you use fluoride toothpaste, or do you even wash your teeth with soap? Like I said, I haven’t made my mind up yet and I would very much like to hear other people’s opinions on this matter, which by no means is an easy one.

Fluoridation – necessary and good for your teeth or a poison that will ruin your body? … or maybe a Communist plot?

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  1. Emelie

    I use bicarbonate and 1 drop of pepparmint essential oil for the most times. Or/and I use a flouride and SLS-free toothpaste from the healthstore.

    I tried Aleppo a few days ago. Uuuuuuh, the horror.

    1. hilda

      Nice! I tried bicarbonate and peppermint oil a while back but I didn’t really like the taste of the peppermint eo. I had expected it to be a lot fresher, kind of like the toothpaste you’re used to. I also heard that it can damage your enamel if you use bicarbonate too much on your teeth.
      You didn’t like aleppo on your teeth? What happened? 🙂

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