Kombucha for Skin Care and Kombucha Cocktails


kombucha cocktail

As the third part in my kombucha series, it’s time to actually use the kombucha for something. You already know that kombucha is super healthy to drink, and relatively easy to make, but what about the beauty benefits. In addition to the benefits I mentioned in the previous post, drinking kombucha can also have some positive effects on your skin and hair. Even though I haven’t seen the studies to back it up, people are reporting thicker and smoother hair, and clearer skin after drinking kombucha on a regular basis.

But kombucha can also be applied topically, and the antioxidants and probiotics will work their magic on your face and give you clear, smooth and toned skin. The acidity of kombucha makes it a superb alternative to and ACV hair rinse. Here’s a few ways how you can incorporate kombucha into your beauty regime:


Kombucha in skin care

  1. Splashing a a bit of kombucha on your face after washing is a great simple face toner.
  2. Use the actual SCOBY as a face mask! The effect is that of a chemical peel.
  3. To make a kombucha hair rinse, simply mix one part kombucha with about 3 parts water (you might want to use more or less depending on how stong the kombucha is. You’ll get the hang of it.)
  4. … or try this rosemary infused kombucha hair rinse. Looks divine!
  5. Visit this website for some nice looking recipes on kombucha skin toner, face mask and hair rinse.

Something to enjoy while you’re getting pretty

And as an added bonus, I must share this amazing cocktail recipe with you – the kombucha cosmopolitan, or as I like to call it, the kombupolitan (or maybe it should be cosmocha? Hmm…). This cocktail is perfect in so many ways – even though you’re having a night out, you can still feel good about yourself because you’ve made the kombucha yourself, and despite all of it’s alcohol-ness, it’s kind of healthy. Plus, it’s pretty darn tasty. Even if you don’t like the taste of kombucha itself, you can try the kombupolitan, you might very well enjoy it.


So, my own version of this cocktail is pretty straightforward.

3 parts vodka
2 parts kombucha – or, for the advanced version, make your own cranberry or lemon flavored kombucha!
2 parts pure cranberry juice
1/2 part lime juice or to taste

When I’ve made my kombupolitans, I simply mixed all the ingredients together, added more of one or the other ingredient where I felt needed. If you want the fancy version, use a cocktail shaker and serve in a martini glass with a slice of lime on the side.

I found this more advanced version of the kombupolitan here – and probably closer to the actual cosmopolitan recipe.

If you like the idea of incorporating kombucha into your drinking habits, see some more cocktail recipes with kombucha. Cheers!

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