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Rhassoul is a clay that is dug in the Atlas mountains in Morocco. It has many other names, including Ghassoul clay, red Moroccan clay or African clay. Rhassoul is, like other cosmetic clays, rich in minerals like silica, potassium and magnesium. But Rhassoul differs from other cosmetic clays in the sense that it has an amazing power of absorption and can thus also be used as for cleansing and detoxing. As part of my hair washing test, I have tried rhassoul as shampoo.


You can find the clay from a organic shop or from the Internet. I use Urtekram’s rhassoul, because when I was staying in Denmark I could get it quite cheap from there (Urtekram is a Danish brand.). You can buy it either in powder or in small pieces. I have actually never tried the powder, but I don’t think the difference is huge.


Simple. Let the clay soak in some water, apply to hair, rinse.

I mix the clay and water in an old shampoo bottle, and squirt it out over my head. But if the mixture isn’t runny enough, the hole might clog up so beware. Don’t leave the clay in, if it dries up it’s going to be impossible to get out of your hair. Also in general it’s good to wash thoroughly other wise there’s a risk that you will find clay pieces in your hair.


Cost: Depends on where you live and where you buy from, but it’s a bit more expensive. You will use quite a lot each time. Approx 5€/month. 

Difficulty: Takes a little bit of preparation. Can be a bit messy as well.

Cleanness: Looks really clean and nice and stays clean for quite a while. Only needed to wash my hair about two times in a week.

Manageability: Fantastic! Really soft, but still has a texture.

Overall: I love this! The rhassoul clay makes my hair soft, shiny and great. And it stays clean for a good while. The downside is that it can be a bit messy. Also I read somewhere that because some of the clay pieces can have sharp edges, it might damage the hair. I still haven’t noticed anything, and with results like this I have a hard time believing it could be bad. 4+!

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  2. Ami

    I felt compelled to share the results of my washing with clay-experience 🙂
    I have to say that as a body & face cleanser, the rhassoul works really well! As a shampoo with my hair, not so much..

    My hair is something of an entity by itself. It’s completely, and I mean COMPLETELY straight. It’s very, very, very slick. It’s almost impossible to damage. Since last august, I have bleached it, dyed it green, dyed it black, bleached it again, dyed it red, then brown and then black. I can wash it with just about anything (maybe not hand soap, haven’t tried) and it will untangle itself while drying and be as shiny and straight as you please. Not so with the rhassoul!

    After the first wash, the biggest shock was the static electricity. My hair never gets really static, a bit if it’s really cold and dry. Now I couldn’t even get my decade old, faithfull natural bristle brush through it, because the strands were so completely sticking to each other! The hair was clean, but somehow really “big” and completely unlike my normal state. Even more difficult to curl than usually, and that’s saying something

    Well, it’s just the new treatment, I thought. The hair’ll get used to it. But it didn’t. It kept getting bigger, and more coarse after each wash, no matter how long I rinsed (minutes and minutes). I tried controlling the static by using my eco-conditioner (Urtekram aloe) but that made it even worse. Yesterday I reached the point where I felt like I was wearing a big wig, my hair was so heavy. It was clean, but felt like I had used moisturiser in it. Not greasy, but almost a bit damp. No way I could get a comb or a brush through it, or style it in any way.

    So this morning I washed with the first thing I could find, a two-in-one shower shampoo (for men). I lathered twice, used a bit of conditioner and am now back to my normal hair.

    I have no idea why my hair reacted this way, a total surprise for me! But at least I know what to wash with if I decide to go for dreadlocks after I’ve grown out my hair a bit 🙂

    1. hilda

      Wow, Ami! That’s very surprising. Amazing how different hair types react so totally different!

      It sounds like something that actually happened to me once as well, a good while back. I think I was doing a henna dye or something and decided to mix some rhassoul in as a clay mask. That was a very bad idea. It took ages for me to get the clay out, and when I finally did it was just as you described. That’s when I realized that one should never ever leave the clay to dry on the hair. (Hah, maybe I should add that in my post. I had totally forgotten about this “incident”).

      But of course, this is not what you did and I have no idea why it reacted so. Could the clay react to chemically dyed hair? I have no idea.

      Well, sorry I tricked you into this 🙂 And thanks for sharing, it’s good for me to keep in mind that just because I like something it doesn’t make it good for everyone 🙂

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  5. olivia

    I am still not sure if I like what clay does to my hair. I’ve been hearing about this mysterious detox period where the hair goes through a kind of rough time before it gets better. Well I’ve been doing a clay wash every two or three days now for about a month. I shouldn’t have to wash my hair THIS much with clay, but my scalp is oily immediately, while the rest of my hair looks like a dried out mess! I don’t know if this is going to stop, but it’s getting rather annoying to deal with.
    So I’ve tried a few different combinations of this clay:
    Bentonite + rhassoul, with an ACV wash after; or in the clay wash I’d use one of the two clays previously mentioned, with a tiny bit of ACV, or tea tree oil. Or even a tiny bit of argan oil. Nothing. My hair still looks scraggly and like that on the head of a greasy girl who just hit puberty

    1. hilda

      Sorry to hear it doesn’t work well for you! Everybody’s hair is different and even though I like a method, there’s no way of telling how other people’s hair will react. I have heard that several others have had trouble with clay as well. Have you tried using only rhassoul? That’s what I did and my hair loved it. Maybe you should check out another hair washing method? You can see my list of hair washing methods here: If your scalp gets greasy easily, maybe CO wash ( or no ‘poo ( could work for you? I currently use african black soap in my hair: This is a very convenient way of washing your hair – I use it for hair, face and body so when travelling I hardly need to bring anything else 🙂

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  7. Ulker

    I use rassoul for a long time and I am totally satisfied with this product. I buy it from here: Amazing clay! My skin after rassoul mask i very sof and clean. My hair after 1 mask are totally clean, so I don’t need any shampoo or conditioner at all.

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