Clay and condish

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This time, I have done something else in the hair washing test. This is actually the first time that I am using a method that I have come up with myself.
Before, I have done both a conditioner only wash and washed my hair with rhassoul clay. I really like both methods, but they have their downsides. The conditioner needs to work for at least 20 minutes and I found that it was too long when I was in a hurry, and the clay is kind of messy and can be difficult to apply. So I figured I should combine these two methods and make a rhassoul conditioner wash.

With a rhassoul conditioner wash, you will not need to leave it in your hair for very long. In fact, you musn’t, because if you let the clay dry on your head you will have disaster ahead. Also, the thick conditioner will make the mixture easier to handle than with just clay and water.

First, you need a conditioner and rhassoul clay. The conditioner should be pretty light, not too thick. If you have a thick conditioner though, don’t fret, just use a bit more water. Avoid conditioners with protein or silicones if you know your hair doesn’t like them, or if you’re unsure. I used Urtekrams no perfume shampoo, which I normally find is too runny for CO but works really well with the rhassoul.

Mix the clay with some water. Use a bit less water than when normally mixing rhassoul, so you have a quite thick paste. Then mix it out with about an equal amount of conditioner, or until you have a mixture that is not too runny. Apply to hair, leave in for max 15 minutes and rinse.


Cost: Can be relatively expensive, depends on the conditioner

Difficulty: Needs a little bit of preparation

Cleanness: Looks really nice, stays clean for many days  

Manageability: Really nice texture. Soft but still manageable.  

Overall: I really like this method, getting the best of both worlds! The softness from the conditioner and the texture from the clay seems to be a perfect combination at least for my hair. Yay! 

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