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This time, I have tried out using eggs as the active ingredient when washing my hair. Egg is supposed to genrly wash the hair, and add shine, make it fluffy and deeply nourish damaged hair. Back in the good ole days, egg was commonly used as shampoo in many countries, and here in Finland you can still find egg shampoo in the cheap stores (how much egg they contain I don’t know).

I have used a recipe that I found fromΒ oldenbuzz. It also contains quite a lot of olive oil, and also lemon juice and vinegar, so it should be a good mixture of most stuff that the hair needs.


homemade egg shampoo


Mix the following ingredients:

1 egg
1 ounce of olive oil
1 tablespoon lemon juice
Β½ teaspoon apple cider vinegar

You can also just use plain egg, or google for other recipes, there’s quite a lot of them. Apply to your hair, and rinse. Make sure that you rinse in lukewarm or cold water, other wise you will have scrambled egg in your hair!
Some people say that the egg white is drying for the hair, so if you like you can try using only the yolks. You can spread the whites over your face for a brightening, firming mask.


The first time I used this recipe, I had average results. My hair was cleansed, sure enough, but no outstanding results and not as shiny and fluffy as I had hoped for. The second time, however, was a disaster. I guess it was no fault of the eggs, but the olive oil. Oldenbuzz’ recipe calls for a lot of olive oil and you really have to make sure that it is all rinsed out of your hair, but it’s a bit hard to tell before the hair is dry. I rinsed for a good while, but in quite cool water, because as I said, the egg calls for cool water. Still, my hair was so greasy and looked horrible. Also my hair smelled like meringue and the egg smell stayed in the bathroom for days. I was away at the time, and I freaked out and used the hotel body wash/shampoo the same evening.

The next time I washed my hair, I tried using the egg shampoo again. This time I rinsed for a really long time, and when I hoped that all the egg would be out of my hair, I switched to warmer water. And sure enough, I seemed to get all the oil out.
When I came home, however, I tried making the same recipe, but with less olive oil (about half-two thirds of what the recipe said) and that seemed to work a lot better.

The problem is, I guess, that the olive oil is quite difficult to get out of your hair when you don’t have shampoo and only can use cool water. So I would recommend using less oil, or maybe only water.


Not very much. I used a bit less than one portion of this recipe for one wash.


Takes some preparation, but the recipe is not very difficult. You can make about one week’s worth of shampoo and store it in your fridge up to one week. The rinsing took a good while though, and in the winter, one might like a hot shower.


The egg surely cleans the hair and it stays clean quite long. If you manage to wash your hair properly, that is.


Okay, but not as exciting as I had expected.


Overall impression of egg shampoo

Not a success. I know many people like this, but it wasn’t my thing at all. Can be worth a try, but in any case, I wouldn’t recommend it as a daily shampoo. Egg contains a lot of protein, which is something that some hair types love, and others hate. Protein builds up around the hair strands and for most people, after a while the hair will be in need of a cleansing treatment. I would recommend using this maybe once evey two weeks as a nourishing treatment. And if the hair looks oily afterwards, wash it with a little bit of shampoo or maybe an acid rinse.

Oh, and perhaps you though this would be the last post in my hair washing test thingie. But no, haha, it’s not! I have a surprise method to try out, check back in two weeks!

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    1. hilda

      Yeah, try it out and please tell me how you liked it! I think the conditioner only method would work for your hair type as well: I will also, at some point, write about some different hair treatments. One that is quite nice is the so called Snowy’s moisture treatment:
      4 parts conditioner
      1 part honey
      1 part aloe gel

      Heat in the microwave for a few seconds until warm, then apply to wet or dry hair (especially the ends). Cover hair with a shower cap/shopping bag/clingy food wrap/whatever, and let it sit for as long as you can stand it (30 minutes to overnight). Rinse out, do not shampoo.

    1. hilda

      Yeah, it can be a bit messy sometimes but often it pays off! In Swedish, we have this saying that goes something like “if you want to look good, you must suffer” πŸ™‚ I don’t know if there’s a similar English proverb – no pain, no gain would maybe be the closest πŸ™‚

      You could also check out the other unconventional methods of washing your hair that I have tried on my blog. You’ll find the list here: Scroll down a bit for links my results of the different methods.
      Have you tried shampoo bars? They might be something for your oily hair. I have the same problem and I really liked them. They’re also easy to use and quite cheap.

      I’d be very interested to know if you try the egg shampoo or something else out and how it works for you πŸ™‚

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  4. Gabii

    i love making egg shampoo and the results for me have always been awesome
    but i just use eggs and honey, the honey acts as a condishoner as well and
    gets rid of some of the eggy smelll ~ ^ ^

    i majoynase the tips of my hair first which leavs my hair silky smoothen
    then wash my hair in hot water to get rid of any dirt and rince out the mayo
    then switch to cold, after which i apply my egg shampoo and rince well
    when i’ve washed all the egg out i return to hot water, add my hair rince and
    condishioner and rince out in cold ~

    my hair right now feels and smells amazing ~ πŸ˜€

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  7. Anastasia

    I’m using egg to shampoo my hair, but I only use egg yolk – i also get rid of the thin film on the yolk before i use it. Then i mix it with warm water, spread the mixture on my hair and rinse – works just fine. To what I know egg whites and the film on the yolk can make ur hair greasy, and I never use olive oil – it’s almost impossible to get it out of your hair, i think. So yeah, hope that helps πŸ™‚

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