Last, but definitely not least – Eliah Sahil Shampoo powder

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Well, here we are then. Time for my last review of a hair washing method. As some of you may know, the egg shampoo test was supposed to be the last one. But then I by chance saw this powder shampoo that was sold in an organic shop here (Ekolo in Hakaniemi, if you’re interested), and figured it could be worth a try.

Eliah Sahil’s Shampoo Natural is a mixture of mainly indian herbs that will wash and condition your hair. You can read more about the specific herbs on the link I mentioned. If you want to experiment with making your own mixtures of herbs, read through this guide on longhaircommunity.


Just sprinkle a teaspoon of the powder in wet hair, and rinse. If it doesn’t foam, repeat.


Cost: It is quite expensive to buy, 20€ for a value pack (300g? 400? The label has faded so I’m not sure), but then again you will use almost nothing each wash (about 5 grams if you repeat) so it will last for a good while.  

Difficulty: Very easy. Just have to make sure no water comes in to the box, and that the powder is evenly spread on your head.   

Cleanness: Even after three days it looks like my hair had been washed the same day. Great!

Manageability: Gives very shiny and fresh-looking hair. The texture is really nice, soft but not too slippery. 

Overall: Fantastic, love it! My hair looks shiny and stays clean for a long time. It was also a pleasant surprise that the shampoo foamed, I hadn’t expected that from a powder shampoo. The smell is very indian-y, I like it but not necessarily everyone will. Anyway, definitely recommend this one, or other indian herb blends, you could probably look around a bit if this particular one isn’t sold where you live. 

That’s that! Check back next Sunday, and I will give an overall judgment for the whole series!

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  4. Natalie

    I am enjoying reading your blog and your natural hair care trials! I would love to try my hand at making my own herbal powder shampoo and I want to read that guide at the long hair community but the link does not work for me. I tried searching on there but still can’t find it, plus I can’t register (maybe that is the problem) because it says registration has been disabled by the admin. I know it has been a long time but do you think you’d be able to find the guide again and share it? Thank you!!

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