End of Story – Conclusions From The Big Hair Washing Test

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Well, here we are then. My hair washing test has come to an end. Five months and no less than nine different methods later, I am now all the wiser. I hope.

Two weeks per method is not very much. For some methods, it will not have been enough to see the proper results. Also, most of the time I was the only test person, and so the results will be based on how my hair has reacted to the specific method (just ask my friend Ami. She will give you a whole different side of some stories).

But, bearing all this in mind, I hope I have provided you with some information about these hair washing methods and maybe given you some new ideas to try out. If nothing else, at least I can say I’ve had a whole lot of different stuff in my hair. And I have spent a whole lot of money.

Anyway, here’s my two cents. Read more about the methods by clicking the links to the original posts.

No ‘poo

  • Suits people with long or short hair, who want fluffy, shiny hair.

Conditioner Only

  • Suits anyone who has the time to wait at least 20 minutes each hair wash. Apparently especially good for curlies.

Rhassoul clay

  • I like this rhassoul clay, but apparently not everyone. Suits short-hairs who don’t mind a bit of mess when washing their hair.

Organic shampoo + conditioner

  • Basic method for anyone who doesn’t feel too experimental. I did condition-wash-condition, which didn’t work very well with these specific brands.

Shampoo bar

  • Good alternative for anyone who wants something different yet simple. These are loads of shampoo bars to try out, but remember to check the ingredient lists.

Soap nuts

  • Try this if you want sleek hair. Probably best for straight hair. Not my favorite.

Rhassoul + conditioner

  • The only method that is my own. I like the combo since it gives you the best of two worlds. Minus for a relatively high price (depends on the conditioner of course)

Egg shampoo

  • Worked really badly for me, because I couldn’t get the oil out in the recipe I used. Try making egg shampoo if you’re feeling adventurous, and if you feel like your hair would need an extra protein boost. But I’d see it more as a hair mask to do only now and then. And don’t do it for the first time before any important date or anything like that, just in case.

Indian herbs

  • Lovely! Suited my hair very well, and I really like the oriental smell. Definitely recommend to anyone.

So, what’s my final verdict? Which method will I be using in the future? Well, to tell you the truth, I will probably alternate between many of these methods. Partly because I still have so much left over from the testing, that it will probably be years before I finish all my shampoo bars, herb powders, conditioners and clay.

I will probably not be making any egg shampoos for a while, nor will I wash my hair with soap nuts. My favorite one was the indian herb mixture closely followed by rhassoul clay with or without conditioner. So I guess we have a winner! But you need to try it out for yourselves to see how they work for you.

Have you ever tried any of these methods? How do/did you like them?

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