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Hi everyone!

Hope your Christmas and New Years went well. As always, I have been extremely busy, now more than usual. Not only did we go to India over our New Years holiday, I have also been struggling with my bachelor’s thesis in literature. Not to mention the fact that I moved abroad a couple of days back. So I am currently living in Malmö, Sweden and taking some courses in gender studies at Lund university.

As you can see, I have been kind of busy and there hasn’t really been much time for making skin care products or blogging, but I hope that there will be a change in that as soon as I have finished my thesis and settled down a bit here in Malmö.

To make up for my lost time, and to make you guys jealous, let me post a few pictures from our stay in India. We were mostly in Kolkata but also visited some other cities around the area such as Bhubaneswar. Enjoy!


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    1. hilda

      India was a wonderful experience, so different from what I’m used to in every way. We were only there for 6 days so there wasn’t really much time, and everything was very chaotic and took a lot getting used to. Of course we also got sick the last days because we’re not used to the different kinds of bacteria and also the pollution was kind of heavy on us.
      But I had a really good time! Now my parents and I got really interested in visiting an ayurvedic resort some time… Where do you live?

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