Avocado Seaweed Face/Hair Mask and Seaweed Bath

After my last post about seaweed in skincare, I’ve been doing some more research. That is, I’ve splashed seaweed over my face, in my hair and in my bath water. And the answer is yes. Still love it.

This time let me share a recipe that can be used both on face and hair, and also how to use seaweed in the bath tub which will relieve tensions and aches and help the blood circulation!

In my last post, I was asked about the kind of seaweed to use. As you know, there are tons and tons of different kinds of seaweed, edible ones including kombu, nori, spirulina, wakame… the list goes on and on. And the great thing is, they all have the same wonderful properties for your skin! Of course the nutritional values vary a bit, if you want to read more you can check out this list of edible seaweed on Wikipedia. If you have many types of seaweed at home, you can use a mixture of them when making your skincare products – that way you will get more variation with minerals and vitamins. But one kind is just fine. Like I said, you can buy nori sheets, or look in shops that specialize in Asian/Japanese goods. In health shops you’ll find spirulina and chlorella powder, that both are real super-seaweeds that you can use on your skin and in your hair as well. The powder might also be easier to use than whole seaweed.
If you live near water, you can even use seaweed fresh from the water! This is especially handy if you want to take a seaweed bath at home, as you can use quite a lot of seaweed for this. Just make sure that you know what it is you’re picking as there are some seaweed that are poisonous.

To make things simple, I made a goo that is a combined face mask and hair mask, containing seaweed plus another super ingredient – avocado. This mask is going to moisture and clear your skin and hair, and also increase hair growth. Combine this face and hair mask with taking a  seaweed bath. Basically you just add some seaweed and salt to your bath. The seaweed will stimulate blood circulation, ease tensions, pains and irritated skin. For excact mesures, check it out on Blue recipes.

But, back to the Avocado-seaweed face and hair mask. Enjoy!
2 tbs dried seaweed
rose water/water
1 ripe avocado
1 tbs thick yogurt
1 tbs olive oil

Cover seaweed in rose water and leave to swell for five minutes. Squeeze out any excess water (you can save it to use as a toner afterward) and mix the seaweed with the rest of the ingredients and run in a blender. Apply all over hair, especially roots, and in your face. Leave on at least 15 minutes. Rinse off, shampoo your hair and splash some cold water / seaweed toner on your face.

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