What I Put In My Face

Some of the things I put in my face

With me having this blog and all, I suppose i should set some kind of example to others. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret, as long as you don’t tell anyone. I’m really quite lazy with taking care of my skin. Often, I just skip the washing and moisturizing, and just spray some toner in my face. Sometimes I don’t even do that. As I usually don’t wear make up I guess it’s not all that bad, but still, not the best role model I suppose.
The other day, I was asked in a comment what my own skin care routine is. My first reaction was “what routine?!”. Even disregarding my laziness, calling what I do to my skin a “routine” isn’t right. I just have a hundred different methods of cleaning, toning and moisturizing my skin, and each morning and night it looks different.

Nonetheless, after this rant, let me still try to make my messy so-called-routine in to something that I can share with you. Here we go: what I do to my face.

  • As a cleanser, I  tend to use this lovely foaming cleanser from Nuxe, with three different roses. I’m also experimenting with oat as a cleanser, which I love. As soon as I have found a formula that I like, I’ll share it with you. Until then, a bit of oatmeal soaked in water for 10 minutes works great as a cleanser for sensitive skin!
    A couple of times a week, I use a scrub instead of a cleanser. My current one contains oatmeal and some herbs. Again, more on that later.
  • A toner is a water based liquid that can contain loads of different ingredients. Sometimes, I just rub a used teabag over my face, which is as good as any herbal infusion. Currently however, I use this ACV toning spray that I keep in the fridge and spray over face and neck morning and night. Storing your toner in the fridge not only proglongs shelf life, it also closes the pores after a warm cleanse, and it feels fantastic! This recipe has quite a large amount of vinegar in it – if you have sensitive skin, you should use a bit less. For me, however, it’s perfect.
  • For me, moisturizing equals oils. When making my own skin care products, I simply put the water-based ingredients in the toner, and the oil-based ones in the moisturizer. That way you don’t need to bother with emulsifying waxes and stuff.
    Currently, I mostly use the Kama ayurvedic oil that you see in the picture, which smells divine. Or, I just use some random oil that I happen to have near by – olive, rapeseed or wheat germ usually, as they suit my combined skin really well. Sometimes i mix in some essential oils straight in the palm of my hand – rosemary and tea tree are my favorites.

Do you have a skin care routine? And what does it look like?

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