Clear Up Your Facial Acne with These 4 Natural Treatments

Aloe vera and baking soda, two things that can do wonders to clear up your facial acne.

This is a post by today’s guest blogger, Jason Ellis. 

Facial acne is the worst kind of acne! Seriously, I mean – you can cover up body acne when you go out in public, but with the exception of some pretty developed makeup skills, it’s tough to constantly hide those tough, stubborn pimples on your face.

Also, if the breakouts are constant, it’s possible your facial acne is triggered by secondary conditions. For example, you might also suffer from facial sweating and blushing which only encourage those nasty zits to come back.

It’s true, in many cases, excessive facial sweating actually causes acne. That’s because sweat contains toxins, dry skin cells and sebum (oil). It coats your pores and makes the skin dirty. This buildup of debris can ultimately lead to pimples and further inflammation.

I know how it feels. The frustration is endless and you wish the pimples were gone – YESTERDAY! Just having to go out and face the world makes your avoid confrontation and any kind of attention. You’ve probably tried a few treatments here and there, only to be disappointed. Fear not, there ARE strategies that really can help!

The trick is using as gentle a remedy as possible so you won’t exacerbate the facial acne with irritation. So, let’s start with some super effective natural treatments.

Don’t get me wrong, you can go the medicine route. But if over-the-counter products don’t seem to help due to their abrasive nature, then natural treatments are totally the way to go. Many people swear by their effectiveness and find that a natural acne treatment regimen is much kinder on the skin long-term.

Let’s get started and get you acne free, fast…

1. The Aspirin Face Mask

Everybody has a bottle of aspirin lying around. The uncoated variety has the same properties as the ultra-expensive skincare products made by upscale cosmetic companies.

Take a few uncoated aspirin and let them dissolve in water. Rub the mixture all over your face. If the aspirin is too itchy, you can add a bit of honey or yogurt into the mix. Let the mask dry on your face for about 20 – 30 minutes and then rinse it off with water and a good cleanser.

The uncoated aspirin will clear up acne and redness! It will also prevent excessive facial sweating. The honey or yogurt will moisturize the skin.

2. Aloe Vera gel

Aloe vera is renowned for its health benefits. It’s found in many skincare products AND juices! It’s effective as an antiseptic and antibacterial agent. Don’t forget — acne is caused by a buildup of bacteria and dirt inside of the pores.

Aloe vera will destroy the bacteria and dirt in no time! The gel’s astringent properties will reduce excessive oil production. Furthermore, it’ll heal the redness and inflammation. If facial sweating is a problem for you, aloe vera gel will keep your face dry and clean.

Sometimes a weakened immune system can cause skin problems. You can destroy a buildup of toxins in the body by drinking Aloe vera juice! Just drink a cup or two a day, and you’ll notice a difference in no time!

3. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is one of the best remedies for any skin condition. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, making it very effective against cystic acne. It’s an astringent which cleanses the skin without any irritation.

Witch hazel can also tighten the pores to prevent excessive sweat from coming out. You can apply it directly onto your skin. Grab a bottle of it at any drug store or grocery store and rub it onto your face twice a day. There are also witch hazel face masks available. Unlike Aloe vera juice, witch hazel can’t be taken orally.

4. Baking Soda Microdermabrasion

Many people swear by this remedy. It gets rid of acne AND scars caused by acne. It will also keep your face dry and sweat-free. Wash your face off, but don’t dry it with a towel. Instead, rub some baking soda onto your clean, wet face. Leave it on for 20 minutes. After rinsing it off, pat your face dry with a clean towel and apply a moisturizer.

Baking soda dries up oil and sweat on the skin and speeds the healing of blemishes. There are no harmful side-effects of using baking soda as a cleansing mask. It contains no harsh chemicals or alcohol.

Keep in mind that it should only be used as a mask, and NOT as a scrub!

Give each of these some time to work (try them consistently for 5 days in a row). Remember to drink plently of water to speed up the healing of the pimple – and never ever pick a zit. It can cause scarring or at the very least recreate the inflammation. So that said, try the natural remedies above and I think you’ll be very pleased. At least one should work for you. If you stick with it, you can clear up your facial acne and related skin conditions once and for all!

Author Bio:
Jason Ellis is an up and coming web author who has been showing readers for years how to apply natural skincare solutions. His strongest expertise deals with controlling a condition known hyperhidrosis(chronic excessive sweating). For years, Jason has researched proven ways to tame excessive facial sweating, stop sweating naturally from the hands and feet and also treat underarm hyperhidrosis.

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  1. Genevieve

    I came across your website today Hilda, linked from Crunchy Betty, and I was actually looking for a SoapNuts recipe..? I couldn’t find it, but I did find this post.

    I appreciate anybody who expresses themselves to help others, so thanks to you both.

    I, myself, have been working with acne for at least 5 years now, and I’m pretty fed-up w/ false information. Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m responsible for believing so blindly, but people need to understand what it’s like to deal with acne before they speak up online, making sure that what they’re saying is actually valid. This is our faces we’re talking about!

    To me it seems the title “Clear Up Your Facial Acne with These 4 Natural Treatments”, is misleading, when you’ve listed Aspirin as the first treatment. I actually used this tip until my Dad found out I was putting it on my face and threw away my supply. I recognized in that moment that there’s no logic in putting drugs on my skin that will be absorbed into my bloodstream when I don’t even know what the side-effects may be.

    On the other hand, Aloe Vera has been very helpful, and is a great way to boost your skins healing power. Drinking the juice is beneficial for many reasons. However, drinking 1-2 cups is far too much, IMO. I take the recommended 2 ounces in a glass of water or tea w/ stevia. The Aloe Vera Juice brand I reccomend is Lily of the Desert. It’s also recommended to drink the juice for only 2 weeks time and take a nice long break from it, or some unwelcome ‘suprises’ may come about.

    With Witch Hazel, I didn’t see very promising results. After applying topically for months, it was a relief for my skin, but it never cleared up my skin completely, even with additions like Collodial Silver. And there’s no such thing as tight pores or enlarged pores, pores look the way they look due to the amount of gunk in them. If you want your pores to be less visible I recommend researching the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) which is just massaging soothing oils into your pores, dislodging the gunk to be washed away, while moisturizing, and healing your skin holistically, safely, and rapidly! Crunchy Betty has a great article about it here ->

    Last but not least we have Baking Soda. I enjoy my little routine of at-home microdermabraision once a week. What I do is get a nice amount out of a jar I keep in the shower on my fingertips, and I let the shower spray turn it into a paste. Next I add some honey. It’s gooeyness clings to my skin perfectly for an all-out spa treatment! If you can, turn the shower water off, and lounge for a few minutes while your mask does it’s magic. And if you’re not a messy person, you can always try this outside the shower where you can leave it on for longer without having to sit in a cold tub! Anyways, It’s really a treat to use honey in conjunction with the baking soda b/c of it’s amazing qualities that your skin really loves. You can read more about that on Crunchy Betty’s blog, too! ^-^ ->

    Make sure you’re gentle with your skin, avoiding rubbing/scrubbing/washing too much or too harshly. When just one touch can lead to future blemishes, the “Hands Off” policy is the way to go.

    Acne will never be solved with what you put on it, although some natural products do aid your skin, the root problem is what you’re putting in it. Don’t waste your money out of desperation, with just a little research you can discover proven ways to help you clear up, and cheer up! And when you’re sweating during your work-outs or other activities, I wouldn’t worry about it, just take a shower soon after and you’ll feel less gunky and more relaxed.

    Alright, this is me speaking out, now it’s time to shut up! Bye all ^-^.

  2. Facial Sweating Treatments

    Thanks for that awesome comment! That was so thorough I thought you were challenging me to an acne fighting duel ;). All kidding aside, I really do appreciate the detail.

    The solutions I recommend are spoken from personal experience and are obviously more geared towards the facial sweating side of acne.

    I’m sorry if the word Natural seemed in any way misleading. My solutions are geared towards both organic strategies and medical topicals. By saying natural, I’m filtering out more of the pill form pharmaceuticals.

    Great tips you’ve provided here though – really, thanks!

  3. hilda

    Hey Genevieve, thanks for your comment and your great tips! You can find the soap nut shampoo recipe here, if that’s what you were looking for:

    The word “natural” is quite difficult, as there is no clear definition to what it actually means. I mean just look at all the products out there called “natural” and it can mean that they contain 1% of some herb extract and then the rest can be anything. So I quite understand that you react towards the headline, although it didn’t cross our minds at all.

    Can I just ask how come you react against aspirin but not baking soda, and why you use one and not the other? I am not a chemist or anything even remotely close to that, so I might be totally wrong, but aren’t they both simply chemical compounds? Baking soda being natrium bicarbonate and an aspirin pill consists of acetylsalicylic acid. I’ve never tried aspirin so I can’t say anything about it and whether it’s good for you or not, but I do love baking soda for skin and hair however (tried it with honey last night – lovely!).

    I love the Oil cleansing method just like you but me and many with me get breakouts if doing it too often, so my suggestion is to do it once or twice a week max.

  4. Jason

    I actually got the aspirin idea from youtube video I saw quite a while ago. The video actually recommended using honey as well but I didn’t know how my skin would react to it. I figured I’d take it one step at a time and just try the aspirin first.

    I’ll save the honey combo trick if the aspirin doesn’t cut in on my next big nasty breakout 😉

    I also thought of a bonus tip that has worked super well for me over the years. It may sound strange and perhaps you’ve even heard of it before. Egg Whites

    The dry out the acne overnight. Just dab some egg white on the pimple/s and let it dry overnight. Totally works and it’s been proven by loads of acne sufferers over the years.

    That oil cleansing method sounds kind of counter intuitive but I guess I’ll have to give it shot to see what ya mean.

    I always think of oil as a congealing substance. Sebum, after all is your skin’s oil and that’s the very thing that blocks pores. However, because your talking about a more organic, oil – I’m sure that makes the difference.

    I think it’s important to emphasize for any acne fighting newbies out there that all of these suggestions can irritate sensitive skin with continued use so you always want to have an oil-free moisturizer at hand.

  5. Acne Treatments for each sort of acne

    I’ve been saying for days never make use of a wash cloth because it can
    be frustrating. The same holds factual for hand held cleansing devices.
    I tried a small amount of of them lately and though I do have to
    admit that they are quite fun to use, the irritation they present
    is unwelcome when it comes to acne affected skin types.
    If you want to exfoliatate your face and body and like how a hand held
    device works, a optimal option is to use a chemical exfoliation.
    My solid suggestion is to just cleanse with bare hands,
    and never use any power tool face cloth or otherwise.

  6. MommyBarbra

    Definitely use the Citrus Clear Grapefruit Spot Treatment – you can use it like a mask! That is how I have been using it with great results. It will make your skin feel smoother, shrink pores little by little, and help clear current breakout with each use. It really is good at drawing stuff out of your pores, which is exactly what it is supposed to. If you have oily skin (especially in your t-zone), BUY THIS. It will help 🙂

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  8. ancechallenged

    I’ve had acne all my life and have tried various ways of trying to get rid of it from what I eat to what I put on my skin and even trying the prescription route. I am now 57, post menopausal and done with all the “tricks of the trade” so to speak. My last go around with an antibiotic caused major flare ups, increased weight gain and emotional ups and downs I haven’t seen since I was in puberty! Okay, enough of the past! What I have been doing for the last several months is an aspirin wash (dissoloving one aspirin in about 1/8 of a cup or less of water and using clean hands, spreading it gently on my face in circular motions, avoiding the eye area. I do not leave it on for any length of time as I am simply cleaning. I make sure I rinse all of it off well. I do this about every 3 days, as this works for me. In between I use an over the counter face wash that has the least amount of ingredients I can find on it (I have a brand but don’t want to say), making sure there are no dyes, perfumes, sulfates, oils, etc. and rinse well. I follow up with a moisturizer from the same brand and so far this has helped me immensely! If one has an aspirin allergy of course using aspirin isn’t a smart idea, however for the length of time it is on my skin, I don’t feel any side effects like would happen if I ingested it are likely. I might question this if used as a mask, however because of the duration time of absorbing into the skin/bloodstream. I use baking soda and/or corn starch as spot treatments for those times that a blemish does pop up. I have to wet the baking soda to make it stay in place, but I can gently rub the corn starch into the area needed. I only do this at night as these show with makeup or during the day. The baking soda as an exfoliant for me is too harsh, as are most scrubs, and way too drying as a mask…the eggs whites work well. I’ve also tried the raw honey, yogurt, and many other fruit, vegetable, and other odd masks that either have done absolutely nothing or caused more harm than good (not the raw honey, it just did nothing but smell good!). Everyone is different. I have to also question the oil cleansing as it makes as much sense to me as colon cleansing: You are simply putting oil on oil in hopes it will loosen it up? Hmm…I think it is the warmth of the oils that may make some difference but you are still undoing the idea of cutting down on oil in your skin. My little jab at colon cleansing is that all it really is is an elaborate enima, supposedly used to clear your system of toxins when all it is doing is clearing your intestines and taking out the necessary good bacteria in the process. If done as a routine you will be ill and hurting…best to eat a better diet and drink lots of water! So says the Mother of a daughter who ended up with crohn’s disease because of them! Okay back to the subject: I agree with many other posters that using a wash cloth, especially the same one each day is counter productive and your clean fingers are the best way to go or a clean smooth paper towel. Always dab or air dry. And use a moisturizer! As for the sunscreens, you will need to find one that isn’t undoing all that you have been working towards. I can’t use things with Paba in them (or sulfates due to allergies)which limits me right there. I have yet to find a sunscreen product or moisturizer with sunscreen in it that doesn’t make me break out…which is why I use a light makeup (sans uva protection). There are a lot of variables for us to look out for, not just in cleaning, masks and treatments but other products too that we don’t think would effect our face (skin) such as shampoos, laundry products, household cleaners, the clothes we wear and much much more. Even some of the “natural” products can be just as caustic to our skin as the processed ones. Guess what I am saying is we each need to find what works for us and pass that information on to the next person in hopes that it might help them, but always with the cautionary note it might not, or that they need to be careful about how they use what you recommend. I hope I may have helped someone here!

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