10 Second Homemade Beetroot Peel blush

homemade beetroot peel blushSince the beginning of July, I have been living in St Petersburg, Russia. After the move, I have been forced to make some  change in my sustainable and natural living. Not only did I not have the possibility to bring any of my essential oils and other raw material, things like organic food and recycling seem to be completely unknown in this country. Nonetheless, I have tried to take the most out of the situation, and try to look at what I can do in Russia instead of what I can’t do. And there’s a few things that they do better than many, maybe even any, other country. Such as honey. And vodka. I’ll hopefully get back to those later, but for now I wanted to share a quick tip with another type of food that the russians love: beetroot.

You know how when you peel beetroot, your fingers, hands and white t-shirt get all red and it doesn’t come off, ever? Did you ever think about, instead of cursing, using this to you advantage? Actually, beetroot can be used as a blush – it looks great and lasts as long as any storebought blush!

Using it is really simple too, and you can even take advantage of the peels, that you would normally throw away. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Take a raw beetroot peel.
  2. Apply to your cheek.
  3. Even out with fingers or paper towel.
  4. Admire.

Homemade beetroot peel blush before and after Homemade beetroot peel blush before and after application

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