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Funny how these things happen. In the beginning of July, not more than a few days after I had moved to St Petersburg, I got an email from a reader asking me if I knew anything about this skin care brand called Recipes Grandma Agafia (Рецепты бабушки Агафьи). This skin care product line is a russian brand, which isn’t very well known outside of Russia. However, you can buy it cheaply from Amazon.

Naturally, I got very curious and set out to see if I could find this product in St Petersburg. And I did find it at the first place I looked, the big shopping center called Gostiny Dvor. And I was surprised by the cheap prices! I knew it was a relatively cheap brand – at amazon, the products prices averaged at $5. Here, it was much cheaper; a product could be around $2 (and this is still quite the touristy, fancy shopping center). And it’s organic! So I simply bought a bunch of products, to check them out when I got home.

I haven’t contacted this brand to ask about their philosophy, like I’ve done with the other products in the company checkup post series, but I still wanted to give a review of the products I bought and let you know what I think of Grandma Agafia’s recipes.

Recipes Grandma Agafia

As I was still a newcomer to Russia, my Russian was still a work in progress. Therefore, buying these products included a fair bit of guessing. Luckily, the INCI listings were written in latin letters, so it was easier to choose based on that. And when looking at the products, I quickly noticed that many of them were not the kinds that I would like to use on my body. The shampoos contained some sulfates, the massage oils contained mineral oil, and so on. In the end, I decided that the products I thought seemed okay ingredient-wise were the face care series, and the hair care tonics. Other than that, I can’t say for sure, because it’s really difficult to find any inci lists online.

Grandma Agafia’s face care product line comes in three different lines – for people under 35, for 35–50-year olds and for those over 50, so the choice was easy, I got the ones for 35 years and under. Even the under 35 year old products are said to prevent premature aging, which I think feels kind of excessive for this age group, but I figured I should give it a try anyway.

I also got a hair tonic that I thought was supposed to promote hair growth, but it turned out to be against hair loss (I know, it’s almost the same thing, but still, kinda not).

Recipes of Grandma Agafia: NATURAL & ORGANIC Face Serum Tonic “Save Rejuvenation” with White Rosehip and Natural Oils

Price on Amazon: $6.49

Recipes Grandma Agafia face serumThe dark brown bottle with a dropper looked so professional and cool that I fell in love with it before I even had tried it. In retrospect, the dropper does seem kind of excessive here – it’s a bit difficult to get the serum up into the pipette and back out into my hand. But I guess it’s good in the sense that less bacteria will end up in the bottle.

About the product in itself. The serum is lightweight and only has a light smell. I tend to apply it in the mornings and feel that it is absorbed very quickly into my skin (especially for me, who’s used to oils that take hours to be absorbed). This is definitely my favorite product of the stuff I bought!

Recipes of Grandma Agafia: Face Mask “Save Rejuvenation – Active Nourishing and Moisturizing” with White Rosehip and Natural Oils

Price on Amazon: $4.99

This product was a bit odd, to be honest. It’s said to be a face mask, but it doesn’t feel at all like a face mask, more like a face cream. A few times I’ve applied this face mask at night time and haven’t even bothered to rinse it off, because it’s absorbed by my skin after an hour or so. My skin feels nice after having used this product, but it doesn’t work the way I expect a face mask to be.

Organic Eye Cream-Gel with White Rosehip, Microemulsions Sibirean Oil, Vitamins C, E

Price on Amazon: $2.99

When I bought this product I didn’t understand what it was, so I just looked it up on Amazon to find out it was an eye cream. The consistency is quite similar to the face serum, but I guess it contains a few more ingredients that are good for undereye circles and even to smooth out crow’s eyes. I’ve never much used eye creams before so I don’t have much to compare to, but I do feel like it works well.

Recipes of Grandma Agafia: 100% Natural Hair Lotion “Anti – Hair – Loss” with Black Caraway, Oak Bark, Calamus Root, Peppermint Herb 150 ml

Price on Amazon: $4.25

Like I mentioned before, I didn’t really understand what this product was either before I bought it. Since I don’t really suffer from hair loss, it’s kind of difficult to say if it works or not, but I’ve decided to try it a little bit anyway – the ingredients like black caraway (which is said to “cure anything but cancer”) and peppermint are great allround herbs so I hardly think there’s any harm in using it anyway.

I’m quite surprised by how light this tonic is. I apply sparingly to the lengths of my hair in towel dried hair and it goes straight into my hair and makes it soft and manageable. There’s no need to rinse. This is the method that works best for me, I guess it you want to use it against hair loss it’s better to apply it to the scalp.


All in all, I do recommend these products. But if you’re buying, try to find out what the ingredients are — I know there weren’t any INCI lists on amazon, but maybe it’s possible to email the vendor. Like I mentioned, I can only vouch for the skin rejuvinating face care line and the hair tonics.

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