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Sometimes when I’m bored, I like to look at the keywords that people google to find this website. And sometimes, I notice that people have found their way here, but have searched for something that I haven’t answered in a blog post. That’s why I decided to take some of the most common search queries and answer them in this post. So I present to you some of the most interesting, tricky and downright odd things that people want to know.

Safety of ingredients

is talc bad for you Yes, and no. Talc is another one of those ingredients that cosmetic companies love to boast about how they don’t use it. In my opinion, there are a lot of worse ingredients than talc, but it’s definitely not the best one either. I tend to say that you can use products with talc as long as it’s not the first ingredient in the ingredient list. I’ve mentioned talcum powder earlier.

why are parabens bad for skin Well. This is also a question that I wrote about in the post mentioned above, and the answer is more or less the same. It’s one of those ingredients that cosmetic companies love to hate, but since it’s used in such small quantities I don’t see any huge reason for concern if you use a few products with parabens.

is mica bad for your skin No, I wouldn’t say that. Mica is a mineral and is the coloring agent in mineral makeup. The issue about mineral makeup is that it can be dangerous to the lungs if inhaled, but this is not a reason for concern since you wouldn’t really inhale that much upon application. However, I do suggest to use protective mouthwear when making mineral makeup, since the particles are flying around much more then. On the other hand, basically anything you put on your skin has the potential of clogging your pores, but most people who use mineral makeup where mica is the main ingredient actually experience better skin.

is mineral oil bad for you Yes. Mineral oil, or vaseline, or petroleum jelly, or petrolatum, or anything that includes “paraffin” in the name, is bad for your skin. It’s probably the one ingredient that I would never ever use. When applying a product with mineral oil, the skin is coated with a surface that strips the skin of their natural oils. The result is skin that seem soft at first, but then quickly goes dry and need reapplication.

are boar bristle brushes good for your hair Yes. Boar bristle brushes are probably the best type of hair brush you can use for your hair. Boar bristle brushes don’t really detangle your hair all too much, but they’re great at distributing the natural sebum which gives  smooth and shiny hair.

Troubleshooting and recipes

how to remove castor oil from hair: Depending on your hair type, it can be rather tricky to remove oil form your hair. Some people can apply tons of oil and they just leave it in and their hair still looks great. My hair doesn’t absorb oil well at all. I sometimes have to go two or three washes before all the oil is out. If you’re using conditioner or shampoo, make sure you apply the conditioner to dry hair when washing the oil out. Depending on your hair washing method, you might have to try something different than usual to get the oil out. If you don’t normally use shampoo, you might have to use a sulfate free shampoo to be sure to get the oil out. You can also try using an additive free dishwashing detergent. Again, apply to dry hair.

castor oil makeup remover Use pure castor oil or a mix of 50-50 castor oil and olive oil. Apply some oil to a cotton ball and swipe it off. No need to rinse.

will i be able to see my mole disappeared overnight with castor oil Probably not. But you should be able to see progress after a few weeks, and hopefully the mole gone after some months.

things to put in a foot bath Vegetable oil, epsom salt, other salt, used tea bags, herbs, essential oils, leftover tea, honey, glycerin, oatmeal.

homemade eyelid scrub I’ve never thought about scrubbing my eyelids. Sorry.

does the orange acne peel work with lemons? It could work, but lemon is very acidic so I would still recommend orange peel on acne. A great way to use leftover lemons is to dip your fingernails into a halved lemon after you’ve squeezed the juice out, and rub around. This will brighten and strenghten the nails.

acne masks to do in the tub … you can do any acne face mask when you are taking a bath. I prefer to take the chance and use one that is a bit messier, such as a clay face mask, chocolate face mask, or tomato face mask. Another favorite is the aspirin face mask or baking soda microdermabrasion, because you can sit and massage your face without any stress.


Well, this was fun. I might have to do it again sometime. I hope this was helpful!

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