Getting started

Making your own skin and hair care products is really not all that difficult.
To make changes in your daily skin care routine, I suggest starting to use vegetable oils instead of moisturizers and lotions. It’s also really easy to make your own facial toners. If you want to find a more gentle way of washing your hair, keep your eyes on my hair washing test, where I go through all kinds of alternative hair washing methods.
For a pampering homemade spa, try a foot bath with homemade ingredients. A simple body scrub is made by mixing 1 part salt or sugar with 1 part olive or other vegetable oil. By googling you can find lots of recipes for homemade face mask or scrubs.

For more recipes, press the recipe tag in the right sidebar. And remember that you can always ask me if you have questions or want to know more about something in particular.

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