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Strawberry beauty recipes

9 DIY Beauty Recipes With Strawberries

Strawberry beauty recipesIn the beginning of May, the people of Sweden were in panic. A few nights of frost meant that the strawberries might not be ready for midsummer. And a Midsummer without Swedish strawberries is not a proper Midsummer!

Luckily, there was no cause for alarm. The strawberries are ready and we can go out and celebrate a proper Swedish Midsummer.

But strawberries are not just a tasty reminder of summer, they are in fact very nutritious and good for you! And things that are good for you to eat, are probably also good to put on your face. I will now share a few easy beauty recipes with strawberries. Just put a few of the more squishy strawberries to the side and use them on your face instead of eating them!

When buying strawberries, make sure you get local, preferrably organic, strawberries. Strawberries are actually one of the fruits that are the most toxic when bought non-organic.


Homemade beauty recipes with egg

Beauty Recipes From Around The Web – Eggs

With the Easter holidays soon over, I bet you have more than a couple of extra eggs lying around in your fridge, just waiting to be used. What better way to use then than to use them in your skin care regime? Eggs will strengthen and rejuvenate hair as well as skin. Here’s a few of my favorite egg recipes!


homemade hair mousse from egg white

Egg White Hair Mousse Plus Egg Yolk Recipes

homemade hair mousse from egg white One of the things I often miss when making my own skin and hair care product is the fact that the products don’t always act the same way as store-bought products do. Baking soda and apple cider vinegar might make my hair super clean and softer than any shampoo ever has, but it doesn’t foam, and thus it doesn’t feel like a shampoo. An olive oil-sugar body scrub cleanses your body just like soap, only it doesn’t dry you out at all, but again… where’s the foam? I guess we’ve gotten so used to the fact that something has to foam to be cleansing, but it really doesn’t. The foaming ingredient is usually one of the worst ingredients in a cosmetic product, and will only dry out skin and hair.

But there are exceptions, and this wonderful, easy hair mousse recipe is one of them, and that’s one of the things that I absolutely love about it. It looks like a hair mousse, it feels like a hair mousse and it works like a hair mousse! The only thing you need for this is one egg and a beater. You heard me – egg, and nothing else. (more…)

Seaweed – Beauty from Beyond the Sea

Seaweed is one of those magical ingredients that can cure almost any skin care problem you might have. It has anti-bacterial properties that will aid in treatment of acne, and antioxidants that will renew aging skin, and loads of minerals, including magnesium, calcium and fluorine that will provide radiant clear skin.

Look for seaweed in shops specialized in Asian goods, or in larger supermarkets. You can use the nori sheets used for sushi rolling.

Eat seaweed regularly to get the benefits from the inside, or try one of these recipes for face masks and scrubs that will work wonders for any skin type, including acne prone skin and aging skin. Check back in a few days for even more recipes with seaweed, including hair care and bath recipes!

how to use seaweed as a skin care ingredient (more…)