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Romantic Homemade Recipes Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

Nowadays, I don’t really open my calendar much. I just go to work, work, and go home. But today, for a change, I did, and to my surprise I noticed that Valentine’s Day is just a couple of days away! Maybe you want to make a special gift for your Valentine, or maybe you just need something to spice up your life while waiting for spring. In any case, take a look at these recipes I’ve found here and all around the internet for romantic gift ideas. (more…)

Last Minute Homemade Beauty Christmas Gifts

Photo from fredigitalphotos.netChristmas is soon here! I haven’t even had the time to think about that, let alone buy any gifts.

If you, like me, are stressing about what to get people, let me give you a few tips. Enjoy these last-minute homemade Christmas gifts that are both cheap and easy to make. I assure you they will be a huge success whether you make them for your grandma, boyfriend, best friend or piano teacher! (more…)

Swedish Indian spa

What really got me in to experimenting with homemade skin care products was a book called “Lisens örtspa” (Prisma, 2008) by Lisen Sundgren. The title means “Lisen’s Herbal Spa”, but unfortunately it hasn’t been translated yet (you can find it in finnish though, entitled “Ihana kotikylpylä”).

Just a few weeks back, Lisen released her second book – “Lisens indiska spa” (Prisma, 2010), that includes homemade recipes inspired by the Ayurvedic tradition. If you happen to understand swedish, I warmly recommend both of these books.