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Back in Blue


Hi everyone!

Hope your Christmas and New Years went well. As always, I have been extremely busy, now more than usual. Not only did we go to India over our New Years holiday, I have also been struggling with my bachelor’s thesis in literature. Not to mention the fact that I moved abroad a couple of days back. So I am currently living in Malmö, Sweden and taking some courses in gender studies at Lund university.

As you can see, I have been kind of busy and there hasn’t really been much time for making skin care products or blogging, but I hope that there will be a change in that as soon as I have finished my thesis and settled down a bit here in Malmö.

To make up for my lost time, and to make you guys jealous, let me post a few pictures from our stay in India. We were mostly in Kolkata but also visited some other cities around the area such as Bhubaneswar. Enjoy! (more…)

Blog Award

Recently in the Finno-swedish community there has been a craze about blogging recently, since the first official blog award gala took place only a little while back. I do not wish to get in to the politics of this award, instead I shall focus on another blog award that was given to me recently.

Swathy at the Perfect skin care blog was kind enough to award me with this blog award. Thanks so much Swathy! Check out her blog, she has some really nice posts about natural skin care routines.

And now it’s my turn to award blogs. I have to admit that I am not much of a blog reader and I don’t even read 15 blogs (which is how many you’re supposed to give the award to). So instead of trying to force out 15 okay blogs, I will award my top-4 blogs, the ones that I really find worth reading (and don’t forget Swarthy’s blog!).

  • Crunchy Betty – I do wish I had the wit, insight and crunch that Leslie at Crunchy Betty has. Check out Crunchy betty for a funny and informative blog about having food on your face.
  • My homemade beauty – Victoria’s blog about homemade skin care has given me lots of tips and information. Thanks for a great blog!
  • Tes at home – Thai food is one of my favourites! Tes’ blog features heaps of fantastic recipes that have inspired me to many an adventure in the kitchen.
  • Healthy. Happy. Life. – I am not a vegan, but that’s no reason not to make vegan food. I almost always cook vegetarian (vegan every now and again) because most of the time I find that meat does not really add anything to an already perfect meal. Kathy’s vegan recipe blog has been great inspiration to me and made me use less and less dairy products in my cooking.

Congratulations and keep up the good work 🙂

Hildablue – soon in an Astra Nova near you

Keep your eyes out for the next number of the feminist magazine Astra Nova, where there will be an interview with me about hildablue. We just finished off the interview and took some cool photos of me with a blueberry facial mask.
The recipe, and some of the pictures, will be posted here when the next Astra Nova is released in May.

Still alive (barely)

I am terribly sorry for not having updated in over a week! I have, once again, been terribly busy. I just got back from Mariehamn, where we spent a very interesting weekend on the annual literature festival.
Also I have been extremely busy with the layouting of our fabulous magazine Presens, that will have its release this Friday (Beat root in Helsinki from 6-10 pm, be there!).

Check back during the upcoming week to learn what to put in your foot bath, for help on how to read ingredient labels and of course, the launching of a new blog post series, where I’m going to try out different natural and homemade ways of (possibly not) shampooing the hair. Exciting isn’t it? Yay!


More people have visited http://hildablue.wordpress.com this week than ever before! Yay! I hope you have enjoyed it so far. You can also follow me on Twitter, or see my twitter updates in the right sidebar, where you can also subscribe to new posts via RSS or e-mail.

If there is something special within natural skin care that you would like to know more about, or if you are thinking about buying a certain product but don’t know if the ingredients are good or not, I am always open for requests on new posts.

Then of course, tell your friends, and comment on the posts! Hope you’ll be back again soon!

Bienvenue à Hildablue!

This blog is mainly going to be about natural and ecological beauty and hygiene products. Which products/ingredients are safe to use and which are to be avoided at any cost. What the cosmetic companies do to trick us into needing things we don’t actually need. I might even sneak in a couple of food recipes here – naturally what we eat also affect how we look and feel. But most of all I will post my own (and other’s) recipes on how to make stuff at home, without spending heaps of money and in the end even getting a healthier product. It’s a lot easier than you would think!

Personally I’ve been making my own cosmetics for about a year and a half, and I hardly use anything that I haven’t made myself , that includes everything from hand wash to eye liner and moisturizer. And on the rare occation that I buy something premade, I make sure that I know what all the ingredients in the product are.  If you’re interested in knowing how I got into this, read more in the about section. Web sites and books on the topic can be found under references.

Read! Comment! Return!

And if you are wondering what hilda blue is, it is the color that you see on the header. I’m sure there’s a proper name for it, but since it’s a color I love that no one I discuessed it with could think o a name for, we now generally refer to it as hilda blue.  If you know the proper name, please let me know. Or maybe don’t.