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African black soap

6 Uses For African Black Soap

african black soap

Did you read my 7 days acne treatment, in which I praised the acne-fighting properties of African black soap? Did you go out and buy yourself one? If my last post didn’t convince you, here’s some more info about african black soap that I’m hoping will convince you.

Sidenote: African black soap is mostly produced Ghana. Even though I think the name “African black soap” is a great example of how western-centered we are I’m going to call the soap African black soap in this post, simply because that’s the name it commonly goes by (at least in the western parts of the world). Also, I have no idea how you’re supposed to spell “ghanaian”.


How To Look Like A Chicken (or The Turmeric Experience)

If any of you thought that natural ingredients aren’t as potent as chemicals, check this. They just don’t always work for the purpose you intend.

One of the spices we use most in our kitchen is turmeric after soy sauce and chili. We might even put turmeric in more dishes than salt and pepper. It’s just such a simple way of enhancing almost any flavor and you can hardly ever put too much of it.
Turmeric is also traditionally used in skin care in many asian cultures. In ayurvedic medicine, it’s used both as an anti-aging ingredient and agains acne and to soften the skin. It’s also supposed improve your tan and give the skin color a golden tone.

Previously, I have successfully made a simple turmeric face mask from Lisen Sundgren’s fantastic book Lisens indiska spa. This mask consists only of two ingredients: milk and turmeric. Simply take a couple of tablespoons of milk and add a pinch of turmeric, apply it to your face with a cotton ball and let sit on for 30 minutes. This was a great treat that left my face feeling amazingly soft and refreshed. I also tweaked the recipe a bit and used some thick turkish yogurth to make the mask more … masklike. For this I used:
2 tbs yogurt
1 tsp turmeric

But then came the day when I wanted to be real experimental. (more…)

The Wonders of Castor Oil – Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) and 6 Other Uses for Castor Oil

Lately, there has been a rush to the pharmacies here in Sweden. Girls and boys all over have almost queued outside of the pharmacy just to get a single small bottle of … castor oil?
No, there’s no epidemia causing constipation going around.. The castor oil is actually going into their hair!

The Swedish blogosphere has lately been filled with pictures of long-haired girls who want even longer hair, and use castor oil to get it. Before and after pictures, where their hair has grown 4 times as much as it usually does, have convinced readers and more bloggers to run straight to the pharmacy.

So what’s up with castor oil anyway? Why is it better than other oils? Is it better than other oils? Let me break it down for you, and explain how you should use it in your hair like the Swedish bloggers and on your face using the oil cleansing method or OCM. (more…)

Homemade Body Butter to Die For

If today had a theme, it would have to be timing. As Leslie over at Crunchy Betty posted some improvements to my scrub candy recipes, she talked about the perfect timing with Valentine’s just around the corner. Now here’s my so-timely-I-can’t-beleive-it-story: this delicious body butter!

Also, do check out the bath candy thingies over at crunchy betty. I’m sort of proud of them, and Leslie has only improved them. (more…)

Skin Remedies In Your Cupboard

This is a guest post by Alyssa Johnson who runs the website Acne Centre. She’s going to write a bit about her own favorite skin care remedies. 


Let’s face it, taking care of your skin is expensive. Americans alone spend an estimated three billion dollars on beauty products a year. THREE BILLION DOLLARS. With the state of the current economy, many of us are looking for cheap ways to take care of our skin. Yet, we want the cheap methods to work just as well as our past, more expensive, products. No matter what state the economy is, we’re always going to want to look our best, to have great looking skin. The following list outlines a number of different remedies to common skin problems many of us come across from time to time and how we can go about fixing these problems with simple at home remedies. (more…)

Mayo Cucumber Face Mask + Indian Henna Review

Sunday bath! Click me!

When cooking last Sunday, I made tzatziki to go with our quorn patties. When making tzatziki, I like to squeeze out the liquid from the cucumbers, which makes the tzatziki creamy and nice. But as I knew that I was going to make a face mask later that evening, I decided to save the cucumber juice instead of squeeze it right into the sink.

We all know the classical picture of women wearing face masks and having cucumber slices over their eyes. Well, it’s really not that bad of an idea. Cucumbers, and cucumber juice, can prevent wrinkles and soothe dry skin (Shenet.se). It’s also very mild and works for every skin type. You can use cucumber juice instead of water in any recipe that calls for water (or rose water, orange blossom water, infusions etc.).

With my cucumber juice, I decided to make a mayo face mask. Mayonnaise, as you know, contains egg yolks and oil, and is a great ingredient to exfoliate and moisten dry skin. (more…)