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What I Put In My Face

Some of the things I put in my face

With me having this blog and all, I suppose i should set some kind of example to others. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret, as long as you don’t tell anyone. I’m really quite lazy with taking care of my skin. Often, I just skip the washing and moisturizing, and just spray some toner in my face. Sometimes I don’t even do that. As I usually don’t wear make up I guess it’s not all that bad, but still, not the best role model I suppose.
The other day, I was asked in a comment what my own skin care routine is. My first reaction was “what routine?!”. Even disregarding my laziness, calling what I do to my skin a “routine” isn’t right. I just have a hundred different methods of cleaning, toning and moisturizing my skin, and each morning and night it looks different.

Nonetheless, after this rant, let me still try to make my messy so-called-routine in to something that I can share with you. Here we go: what I do to my face.


Beeswax Use In Homemade Skin Care

Beeswax is great to use in skin care products. It sets as a waxy surface on your skin, and protects it from the outside, while keeping the moisture inside so the skin doesn’t dry out. Especially now in wintertime,  beeswax is very useful. Beeswax works great on dry areas, and also areas that are often exposed to cold, wind etc.

You can find beeswax in hobby craft stores, where it is sold as an ingredient for making candles. Or if you’re lucky, you can buy it straight from a  bee-keeper. Keep your eyes out on farmer’s markets and similar. Once you’ve bought some, you can keep it forever without it going off. The yellow (unbleached) beeswax might loose a bit in color if exposed to sunshine. According to My homemade beauty, the yellow beeswax is to prefer in skin care, as it contains more Vitamin A. (more…)

Oil up! Choose A Vegetable Oil To Suit Your Needs

The winter has been exceptionally cold here in Helsinki. Exceptionally cold weather also means exceptionally dry skin. Personally I always get really dry hands and lips, and especially my cuticles and the area around my nails dry up horribly.
The best way to keep the skin soft is in my opinion vegetable oils of all kinds. It is an easy, effective and definitely natural way of treating both skin and hair.


Top-5 ingredients

Let me start by introducing some of my all time favorite ingredients and products when it comes to skin care. These can all be used on their own, or together with other stuff to make them even more effective. I might get more into these specific products later on, so this is just some brief comments about them. These products can all be found in larger ecological shops (depending on where you live) or from the Internet (you can find some links on the reference page).