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Don’t Throw It Away – Throw It In You Face!

We are wasteful people. Did you know that in the western parts of the world, around 20-50 percent of edible food is thrown away, either because there are left overs or because the food has gone off? This is not only a huge environmental issue, it’s also great waste of money. Stewart calculated that his family used to spend around 1000 dollars a year on food that went straight to the garbage!

So what can you do about all this? Well there are lots of ways to reuse or preserve food that would normally go off – check out this great list of tips by Care2 for instance, or the Love Food Hate Waste project. And of course, the simplest answer is – buy less!

Food that should be used in beauty care

But one thought that you might not have considered is putting food waste in your face instead. Yes, that’s right, you’re throwing out lots of stuff that could give you a free luxury spa (or at least the feel of it afterwards).

Of course I don’t mean that you should put old moldy food in your skin care regime. But some groceries that you might not want to eat could still be quite fine to use in skin care. When something is a few days past its best before, that you don’t want to eat any longer, it might still be quite fine to use in skin or hair care. There are also all kinds of fruit peels that you can use before throwing out. Just make sure that what you’re using is clean and free of dirt etc.

Here’s a list of a few things I can think of that should be in your face instead of your garbage can. Do you have any tips? (more…)

Triple Lemon Hot Oil Treatment For Dry Hands

This time of year is the time when I have most trouble with dry hands. I’m brave enough to leave the gloves at home, but unfortunately the cold wind still affects them and dries the hands out. To cope with this  I tend to make a hot oil treatment for my hands. This is a very effective way of moisturizing the hands but yet very simple to make. My recipe combines moisturizing oils with the benefits of citrus fruits, which softens hard skin while also making your nails bright and shiny.  To get the most out of this luxurious treatment you can turn it into a scrub and also make a cuticle oil out of it. (more…)

Time for your foot bath!

I know, I promised to write about foot baths already last week. I hope you haven’t missed it too much!

Foot baths is a new craze of mine. I have noticed that when caring properly for the feet, it relaxes the whole body and affects the overall well-being. If you have a head-ache, try a foot bath before painkillers!

Just pour some hot water into a big bowl and you’re off. If you like to, you can scrub your feet with some foot scrub (I’ll provide you with recipes another time), or with a mild soap and a foot brush – pumice stone works nicely. You will probably find that after having added some oil etc. (see below) to your you will not need to moisturize afterward. If you still feel the need, my favourite is plain shea butter, or a lotion with beeswax and a fatty oil.


Get the most out of your lemon

While in Mariehamn, I bought these beautiful perfume bottles from a second hand shop. Unfortunately they still smelled of the old perfumes (and not really nice ones either). I am now trying to soak them in lemon juice overnight, to see if that removes the smell. If it doesn’t, I’m going to try baking soda and finally vinegar.

But there’s a lot more one can do with lemons than just remove perfume smells. And don’t throw away the peels after you think you’re done! (more…)