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OCM oil cleansing method oil blends

The Oil Cleansing Method – Oil Blend Infographic

Have you found your perfect ratio of castor oil to carrier oil for the oil cleansing method yet? If the whole OCM thing is new to you or you’re still at a loss on how much castor oil your face needs, here are some basic oil blends to get you started.

But remember, everybody’s skin is different, so one vegetable oil blend will not necessarily work for your skin type. The best way to find out what works for you is just try different ratios until you find something that your skin likes. It will also vary somewhat depending on which vegetable oil you use as the carrier oil. You can use olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, almond oil or any other vegetable oil that you like, or a mixture of several. I currently use a mixture of jojoba oil and wheat germ oil as my carrier.
OCM oil cleansing method oil blends

Calendula Oil – Sunshine in a Jar

Time really flies, doesn’t it? Doesn’t even matter if you’re having fun or not. Feels like summer was just here, but all of a sudden people are starting to plan Christmas gifts and I find myself knitting a pair of leg warmers. It also feels like just the other day I wrote my last blog post, but turns out it was almost two weeks ago. I really should get my act together here.

Today, I was going to write about how long this summer has been and how it’s still warm outside. But literally just as I sat myself down to start writing just that, I look out of the window and – it’s snowing! God dammit. Good thing I started on those leg warmers.
But still, can you imagine that up until now my balcony has been in full bloom. New flowers have been coming up constantly. And we’re talking mid October here. In Finland. That’s global warming for you, I guess.

My main balcony project this year (well, this is actually the first time I’ve even had a balcony and thus been able to have a balcony project) has been growing Calendula. Calendula is a lovely flower that comes in all ranges of colors from light yellow to deep dark orange. And speaking of time, the name calendula comes from the latin word calendae (the first day of the month), which possibly comes from the regularity of the calendula – it opens up every morning when the sun comes up, and closes again when the sun goes down.


Fairytale Oil

This recipe is also my contribution to the Mountain Rose Herbs recipe contest.

When using herbs and flowers in homemade skin care, a simple way of getting a good mix of herbs is to use premade herb tea blends.
Mountain Rose Herbs Fairytale tea is a really good blend to use in both skin and hair care products. It’s contains a dozen different herbs and flowers, that not only make good tea, but they also all have great benefits for your skin and hair!  Some of the main ingredients include calendula, red clover, lavender and chamomile. (more…)

Herbal oils

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Herbal oils are great fun to make, and so versatile! You can use herb oils as such for skin care, hair care or in food. Or you can use it as a base in any recipe that calls for an oil.

To make a herb oil, you just need a plain vegetable oil and some fresh or dried herbs. If you use dried herbs, you can use a bit less, since they shrink when they dry up. As the oil base, try olive, sesame seed, jojoba, almond  or possibly rapeseed oil. Dry oils as sunflower seed and thistle oil are not so good, as they have a risk of going rancid from the sunlight. (more…)

Preserving oils

I have read many times that oils (especially dry, light oils) can go off if not preserved properly. Well, it had never happened to me so I didn’t really care about it. Until yesterday. I had a mixture with rapeseed oil as the base, and some olive, jojoba and grapeseed oil that I had in a spray bottle for using as a body oil. But now it smelled really foul (apparently rancid rapeseed oil has one of the worst smells of all rancid oils) and had, weirdly enough, become slightly lighter in color. Luckily enough I hadn’t made a very big batch so it didn’t feel like a great tragedy that I had to throw it away.

The reasons to why the oil had gone off, is probably it’s contact with water. Now that I think about it, I think I didn’t let the bottle dry up very well after washing it, and so the oil was mixed with a little bit of water, which is never a good thing. Also I kept it in the bathroom, which is a very damp place, and I didn’t care about closing the bathroom cupboard door all of the time.


Oil up! Choose A Vegetable Oil To Suit Your Needs

The winter has been exceptionally cold here in Helsinki. Exceptionally cold weather also means exceptionally dry skin. Personally I always get really dry hands and lips, and especially my cuticles and the area around my nails dry up horribly.
The best way to keep the skin soft is in my opinion vegetable oils of all kinds. It is an easy, effective and definitely natural way of treating both skin and hair.