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Strawberry beauty recipes

9 DIY Beauty Recipes With Strawberries

Strawberry beauty recipesIn the beginning of May, the people of Sweden were in panic. A few nights of frost meant that the strawberries might not be ready for midsummer. And a Midsummer without Swedish strawberries is not a proper Midsummer!

Luckily, there was no cause for alarm. The strawberries are ready and we can go out and celebrate a proper Swedish Midsummer.

But strawberries are not just a tasty reminder of summer, they are in fact very nutritious and good for you! And things that are good for you to eat, are probably also good to put on your face. I will now share a few easy beauty recipes with strawberries. Just put a few of the more squishy strawberries to the side and use them on your face instead of eating them!

When buying strawberries, make sure you get local, preferrably organic, strawberries. Strawberries are actually one of the fruits that are the most toxic when bought non-organic.


OCM oil cleansing method oil blends

The Oil Cleansing Method – Oil Blend Infographic

Have you found your perfect ratio of castor oil to carrier oil for the oil cleansing method yet? If the whole OCM thing is new to you or you’re still at a loss on how much castor oil your face needs, here are some basic oil blends to get you started.

But remember, everybody’s skin is different, so one vegetable oil blend will not necessarily work for your skin type. The best way to find out what works for you is just try different ratios until you find something that your skin likes. It will also vary somewhat depending on which vegetable oil you use as the carrier oil. You can use olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, almond oil or any other vegetable oil that you like, or a mixture of several. I currently use a mixture of jojoba oil and wheat germ oil as my carrier.
OCM oil cleansing method oil blends

Hooray for clay!

As you probably have noticed, I have been awfully quiet lately. I’m sorry about that! I promise to do my very best to be a better blogger for you. And I do have some great things in store! A couple of new post series that I’m sure you’ll love, and before that, a post about making your own makeup!

Green clay DIY face mask

But now, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you about my newest craze. Clay! Oh my, the things it does to your skin. Cleanses, tightens, softens strenghtens and I don’t know what. If you have trouble with oily skin or acne, clay is your bestest friend in the whole wide world.

Recently, I picked up a box of green clay from an organic shop in Helsinki. Before that, I had only used white clay/kaolin clay, that I bought from the hardware store – it was  actually meant for whitening floorboards *krhm*. I mean, it’s the same product and will certainly be good for your skin, but one might assume that when making a product meant to be walked upon, they don’t really care as much about preserving all the minerals that make clay so fantastic for you.

So I was quite astounded by the way my face looked after a face wash with the green clay. (more…)

What I Put In My Face

Some of the things I put in my face

With me having this blog and all, I suppose i should set some kind of example to others. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret, as long as you don’t tell anyone. I’m really quite lazy with taking care of my skin. Often, I just skip the washing and moisturizing, and just spray some toner in my face. Sometimes I don’t even do that. As I usually don’t wear make up I guess it’s not all that bad, but still, not the best role model I suppose.
The other day, I was asked in a comment what my own skin care routine is. My first reaction was “what routine?!”. Even disregarding my laziness, calling what I do to my skin a “routine” isn’t right. I just have a hundred different methods of cleaning, toning and moisturizing my skin, and each morning and night it looks different.

Nonetheless, after this rant, let me still try to make my messy so-called-routine in to something that I can share with you. Here we go: what I do to my face.


Avocado Seaweed Face/Hair Mask and Seaweed Bath

After my last post about seaweed in skincare, I’ve been doing some more research. That is, I’ve splashed seaweed over my face, in my hair and in my bath water. And the answer is yes. Still love it.

This time let me share a recipe that can be used both on face and hair, and also how to use seaweed in the bath tub which will relieve tensions and aches and help the blood circulation!

In my last post, I was asked about the kind of seaweed to use. As you know, there are tons and tons of different kinds of seaweed, edible ones including kombu, nori, spirulina, wakame… the list goes on and on. And the great thing is, they all have the same wonderful properties for your skin! Of course the nutritional values vary a bit, if you want to read more you can check out this list of edible seaweed on Wikipedia. If you have many types of seaweed at home, you can use a mixture of them when making your skincare products – that way you will get more variation with minerals and vitamins. But one kind is just fine. Like I said, you can buy nori sheets, or look in shops that specialize in Asian/Japanese goods. In health shops you’ll find spirulina and chlorella powder, that both are real super-seaweeds that you can use on your skin and in your hair as well. The powder might also be easier to use than whole seaweed. (more…)

Seaweed – Beauty from Beyond the Sea

Seaweed is one of those magical ingredients that can cure almost any skin care problem you might have. It has anti-bacterial properties that will aid in treatment of acne, and antioxidants that will renew aging skin, and loads of minerals, including magnesium, calcium and fluorine that will provide radiant clear skin.

Look for seaweed in shops specialized in Asian goods, or in larger supermarkets. You can use the nori sheets used for sushi rolling.

Eat seaweed regularly to get the benefits from the inside, or try one of these recipes for face masks and scrubs that will work wonders for any skin type, including acne prone skin and aging skin. Check back in a few days for even more recipes with seaweed, including hair care and bath recipes!

how to use seaweed as a skin care ingredient (more…)

Italian Style Tomato Face Mask

Sunday bath! Click me!

I keep being surprised by how many of the things you can find in your kitchen cupboards can be used, and are proven to be really effective, skin and/or hair care products. My latest discovery is the tomato, that has turned out to be extremely effective against oily skin, pores and blemishes. Apart from vitamin C and A, that have both been proven effective against acne, the acidity in tomatoes will work as a natural exfoliant, removing dead skin cells and leaving you with fresh, glowing and healthy skin. Not to mention, tomatoes contain a powerful antioxidant called lycopene, which will provide protection against harmful UV rays and also work as an anti-aging agent. All this just from normal everyday tomatoes, can you believe it? (more…)