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Homemade natural diy deodorant and antiperspirants

Don’t Sweat It – Make Your Own Natural Deodorant

One of the products that people are most fussy about is their deodorant. And who can really blame them? Sweat, and sweat smell, is just the kind of thing that you want to not have to worry about during the day.

However, many of the storebought antiperspirants contain several ingredients that you really don’t want to use. The main cause for concern is aluminum salts (often aluminum chlorohydrate), which is the very thing that takes care of the whole antiperspiration in the antiperspirant. Unfortunately, aluminum also has proven links to Alzheimer’s and is suspected to be linked to breast cancer. Add to this the fact that aluminum is strongly irritating for skin, and, you know, the fact that it actually closes up and blocks your sweat glands, meaning the stuff that was supposed to exit your body stays inside.

But fear not, you can make your own homemade deodorant – and it really works! Read on to find some recipes that are so easy you’re not going to beleive it.

Homemade natural diy deodorant and antiperspirants



just did my first homemade toothpaste experiment! It’s very easy – taken from Makingyourown.co.uk.

  • 1/4 cup (0,6 dl, 4 tbs) baking soda
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 tbs (15 ml) glycerin
  • a couple of drops of peppermint oil
  • a pinch of salt

Mix well until it forms a paste. Simple as that!

Alum deodorant

MANY OF YOU HAVE probably heard of the thai stone deodorant, also called crystal deodorant, or even rock crystal deodorant. This is sold as a cost-effective all natural deodorant.
I don’t argue, but there’s one problem. This little shiny rock has absolutely nothing to do with Thailand or rock crystals whatsoever. Actually it is a mineral called alum (INCI: potassium alum or sodium alum), which more specifically is form of aluminum.
This is probably why they don’t want to call it “alum”, because it brings your thought to the skin-damaging aluminum that the natural cosmetic companies tell you not to use. Still, I really don’t see how they can be allowed to call something rock crystal, when it has absolutely nothing to do with rock crystal (a rock crystal would probably not do anything for your antiperspiration). (more…)

Keep you teeth clean and sodium-free

When trying to use all natural products and make stuff yourself, among the most difficult I find is the personal hygiene products, like deodorant and toothpaste. It’s crucial that they are effective, but they might also contain a lot of really harmful stuff.

Before this, I had actually just used normal cheap toothpastes, mostly the finnish brand Oxygenol, that I’m sure most people from Helsinki will recognize mostly because of the red neon sign in Hakaniemi. Oxygenol is an okay brand, but it still contains a few bad ingredients, but still not nearly as much as many other toothpastes.

The main ingredient to look out for in toothpastes is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). It is a foaming agent found in a lot of toothpastes, and is also a very common ingredient in for example shampoos. SLS is a skin irritant and can, among other things, give you aphtious ulcer (look it up on wikipedia if you like, it’s not pretty).

Also of course there’s the fluoride (mostly named sodium fluoride), which researchers have split opinions about. On the one hand, it prevents cavities, but many claim that fluoride in toothpastes is linked to all kinds o diseases, among other things.


Homemade deodorant

I’m just trying out this simple homemade deodorant that I found the recipe for. I’ll let you know how I think it works after a few days, if you promise to let me know if I stink very badly.