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Take Control Of Your Skin

How much do you understand? And how much time are you willing to spend to understand?

The reason why I started making my own cosmetics is simple. It’s because I’m a control freak.

I suppose it’s no revolutionary in saying that I want to be in control of my own body. In fact, I’m pretty sure almost everyone of you would agree. But when you start thinking about it, this is easier said than done. Without starting to discuss feminist politics, let’s just focus on some more tangible issues. The food we eat, the hormonal contraceptives we use, even the clothes we wear affect us in ways that we often can not control ourselves. Not to mention the skin and hair care products we use. Lotions, perfumes, shampoos, sunscreens, lipsticks, antiperspirants, night cream, day cream, eye cream, hand cream, foot cream, cuticle cream… The list goes on forever and ever. The average person uses literally hundreds of different chemicals every day. And even though these are “safe” (other wise they wouldn’t be allowed to be sold) it doesn’t mean they are good for us. (more…)

What I Put In My Face

Some of the things I put in my face

With me having this blog and all, I suppose i should set some kind of example to others. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret, as long as you don’t tell anyone. I’m really quite lazy with taking care of my skin. Often, I just skip the washing and moisturizing, and just spray some toner in my face. Sometimes I don’t even do that. As I usually don’t wear make up I guess it’s not all that bad, but still, not the best role model I suppose.
The other day, I was asked in a comment what my own skin care routine is. My first reaction was “what routine?!”. Even disregarding my laziness, calling what I do to my skin a “routine” isn’t right. I just have a hundred different methods of cleaning, toning and moisturizing my skin, and each morning and night it looks different.

Nonetheless, after this rant, let me still try to make my messy so-called-routine in to something that I can share with you. Here we go: what I do to my face.


Happy Women’s Day! – My Views on Blogging and Gender

LET’S FACE IT. Being a green beauty blogger, I am the stereotypical female blogger. All I would need is some food recipes and pictures of outfits and my (nonexisting) children, and I would be women’s blogging in a nutshell. As I have recently started taking courses in gender studies at the university, this is something that I have started thinking about to a higher extent. So, in honor of International Women’s Day, let me share my two cents about questions of gender in the blogosphere.


Back in Blue


Hi everyone!

Hope your Christmas and New Years went well. As always, I have been extremely busy, now more than usual. Not only did we go to India over our New Years holiday, I have also been struggling with my bachelor’s thesis in literature. Not to mention the fact that I moved abroad a couple of days back. So I am currently living in Malmö, Sweden and taking some courses in gender studies at Lund university.

As you can see, I have been kind of busy and there hasn’t really been much time for making skin care products or blogging, but I hope that there will be a change in that as soon as I have finished my thesis and settled down a bit here in Malmö.

To make up for my lost time, and to make you guys jealous, let me post a few pictures from our stay in India. We were mostly in Kolkata but also visited some other cities around the area such as Bhubaneswar. Enjoy! (more…)

What Do We Need Recipes For Anyway?

I’ve never been a big fan of recipes. When I cook, I usually just go with what I have, take a bit of this and a bit of that, and if it doesn’t taste good, I add a bit of other stuff until I’m satisfied. I have to admit that often I don’t see the point of recipes. For me, cooking is all about experimenting – where’s the art in doing an exact copy of someone else’s work?

I’m not saying that I don’t use recipes. I do surf food blogs and skim through my recipe books regularly. But most of the time, I use the recipes as a base. Then I add to or take away from, depending on what I have at home or what I feel like at the moment. Then I get it the way I want it.


Calendula Oil – Sunshine in a Jar

Time really flies, doesn’t it? Doesn’t even matter if you’re having fun or not. Feels like summer was just here, but all of a sudden people are starting to plan Christmas gifts and I find myself knitting a pair of leg warmers. It also feels like just the other day I wrote my last blog post, but turns out it was almost two weeks ago. I really should get my act together here.

Today, I was going to write about how long this summer has been and how it’s still warm outside. But literally just as I sat myself down to start writing just that, I look out of the window and – it’s snowing! God dammit. Good thing I started on those leg warmers.
But still, can you imagine that up until now my balcony has been in full bloom. New flowers have been coming up constantly. And we’re talking mid October here. In Finland. That’s global warming for you, I guess.

My main balcony project this year (well, this is actually the first time I’ve even had a balcony and thus been able to have a balcony project) has been growing Calendula. Calendula is a lovely flower that comes in all ranges of colors from light yellow to deep dark orange. And speaking of time, the name calendula comes from the latin word calendae (the first day of the month), which possibly comes from the regularity of the calendula – it opens up every morning when the sun comes up, and closes again when the sun goes down.


How to prepare for a concert Hildablue style

photo: graur razvan

Tonight I have a piano exam, and I’m very stressed out about it. Mostly because I’m not very good a piano player (it’s only my second instrument, the flute being my first). I decided that I won’t stress-practice today, since nothing good ever comes out of that. So instead I have been pampering myself with some oil cleansing (a great method to cleanse ones face and relax, I’ll write more about that some other time), and taking care of my hands and fingers.

I made this really easy hand mask to moisten and relax my hands: (more…)

Still alive (barely)

I am terribly sorry for not having updated in over a week! I have, once again, been terribly busy. I just got back from Mariehamn, where we spent a very interesting weekend on the annual literature festival.
Also I have been extremely busy with the layouting of our fabulous magazine Presens, that will have its release this Friday (Beat root in Helsinki from 6-10 pm, be there!).

Check back during the upcoming week to learn what to put in your foot bath, for help on how to read ingredient labels and of course, the launching of a new blog post series, where I’m going to try out different natural and homemade ways of (possibly not) shampooing the hair. Exciting isn’t it? Yay!

Homemade deodorant

I’m just trying out this simple homemade deodorant that I found the recipe for. I’ll let you know how I think it works after a few days, if you promise to let me know if I stink very badly.