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Company Checkup: Yves Rocher

Next up in the  company checkup post series is Yves Rocher, a company that has been on  the green beauty market for a long time. Personally, I’ve always associated Yves Rocher with coupons – all those coupon magazines that were sent to our house without anybody really being interested, always contained a full page of Yves Rocher coupons. Before now, I’d never really tried any of their products, but now I got the chance. Let’s take a close look at Yves Rocher – their brand, their claims and their products. (more…)

Company checkup: Ole Henriksen

When you first look at Ole Henriksen‘s skin care products, natural is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. The labelling is minimalistic and graphic, in very bright colors from the whole rainbow spectrum. The products are typically found in the more expensive department stores and in tax free shops in airports.  On their website, they don’t boast about how natural their products are, there’s a lot more info about Ole Henriksen as a person and his experience with working with celebrities in Hollywood.

Nonetheless, even though they skipped the whole unbleached paper with brown and green colors and pictures of earth and flowers-look, Ole Henriksen does market themselves as a natural skin care brand.  When I contacted the company with some questions, I was surprised to see that my reply actually came from Ole Henriksen himself. See what he wrote below.  (more…)

Exotik för hud och hår

This is a review about a Swedish book in Swedish. Originally published on arbetarbladet.fi

Få tar hand om sitt utseende så som indiska kvinnor gör. Traditionerna, tusentals år gamla, lever fortfarande starka och man förstår att dra nytta av de växter och kryddor som förskönar. Redan i de indiska mataffärerna på Tavastgatan i Hagnäs märks det här – ofta finner man hela hyllor fyllda med oljor och krämer för hår och hud, innehållande både mera bekanta ingredienser (jasmin, senapsfrön) och mindre så (amla, harithake).

Det är den indiska hudvårdstraditionen, och mer specifikt ayurveda-traditionen, som har inspirerat Lisen Sundgren när hon i sin nya receptbok Lisens indiska spa ger tips på hur man tar hand om .  Ayurveda, som är sanskrit för “kunskap om livet”, är en urgammal indisk tradition inom läkemedel och hälsa, och praktiseras fortfarande aktivt runt om i världen. (more…)

Last, but definitely not least – Eliah Sahil Shampoo powder

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Well, here we are then. Time for my last review of a hair washing method. As some of you may know, the egg shampoo test was supposed to be the last one. But then I by chance saw this powder shampoo that was sold in an organic shop here (Ekolo in Hakaniemi, if you’re interested), and figured it could be worth a try.

Eliah Sahil’s Shampoo Natural is a mixture of mainly indian herbs that will wash and condition your hair. You can read more about the specific herbs on the link I mentioned. If you want to experiment with making your own mixtures of herbs, read through this guide on longhaircommunity. (more…)

New Nuxe experience

I have never been a big fan of Nuxe. I find that they charge you heaps for stuff that they call natural, that really contain mostly silicones and alcohol and maybe just a small percentage of what they boast about on the cover.
Also I have a memory that it was they who sold this “multi purpose oil”, a miracle oil that could be used for anything – hair, face and body! But when looking at the ingredient list, it was 100% apricot oil, that you can buy from the internet for probably literally a hundredth of their price (and still get it cold-pressed and ecological, which theirs weren’t). But, I’m not sure about this and if they did, they don’t seem to sell it anymore, luckily. (more…)

Shampoo bars

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A shampoo bar is exactly what it sounds like – shampoo in the form of a soap bar. I have added shampoo bars to my list of alternative hair washing methods, because it is generally milder to your hair than many other shampoos. The fact that the shampoo is a bar means that it doesn’t need to contain all the harsh ingredients that liquid shampoo would need to contain (like preservatives). It’s still a good idea to skim through the ingredient list before buying a shampoo bar – some of them (like Lush’s) contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate which is drying and irritating for the scalp. Remember I’d be happy to look through an ingredient list for you if you need help 🙂

Shampoo in the shampoo-free test

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For this hair washing test, we have been doing something more traditional – trying out ecological shampoos and conditioners. But it has also been a kind of two-in-one test; at the same time I have been trying out a washing method called CWC (Condition-wash-condition), which basically means that one should apply conditioner to the hair before applying the shampoo, so as to spare the hair from the harsh ingredients found in shampoos.
But most ecological shampoos are very gentle on your hair, not containing any of the ingredients that should be avoided. We tried two pairs of eco shampoos and conditioners: Urtekram’s Aloe vera shampoo and Ole hyvä vanilla-apple-cinnamon shampoo + vanilla-chocolate conditioner. I chose these two because they are produced relatively close and they are also quite cheap compared to many other organic shampoos on the market. These two both use Sodium coco sulfate as their foaming agent, which is said to be gentler on the hair and skin than for sodium laureth sulfate (though they are both coconut derivatives – roughly said coco sulfate is just a much more diluted version of SLS). (more…)

Keep you teeth clean and sodium-free

When trying to use all natural products and make stuff yourself, among the most difficult I find is the personal hygiene products, like deodorant and toothpaste. It’s crucial that they are effective, but they might also contain a lot of really harmful stuff.

Before this, I had actually just used normal cheap toothpastes, mostly the finnish brand Oxygenol, that I’m sure most people from Helsinki will recognize mostly because of the red neon sign in Hakaniemi. Oxygenol is an okay brand, but it still contains a few bad ingredients, but still not nearly as much as many other toothpastes.

The main ingredient to look out for in toothpastes is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). It is a foaming agent found in a lot of toothpastes, and is also a very common ingredient in for example shampoos. SLS is a skin irritant and can, among other things, give you aphtious ulcer (look it up on wikipedia if you like, it’s not pretty).

Also of course there’s the fluoride (mostly named sodium fluoride), which researchers have split opinions about. On the one hand, it prevents cavities, but many claim that fluoride in toothpastes is linked to all kinds o diseases, among other things.