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Help Stop the Banning of Herbal Remedies in the EU!

While I am extremely busy again, with writing exams and working (and enjoying the wonderful sunshine, shh! don’t tell anyone), I have not had time to blog much lately. While waiting for me to get my act together (which should be by the end of this week, hopefully), please take the time to sign this petition about the EU banning of traditional herbal medicines that will take place as of April 30th! The Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) will remove most herbal remedies from the market that do not have their specific license.

While I do agree that it’s great if the benefits of herbal medicine can be proven scientifically, this process seems unnecessarily extensive, not to mention expensive (according to the site, a minimum of £80,000 per plant. That’s 90,000€ or $132,000!), meaning it’s going to be impossible for smaller independent businesses to go on.

Please watch the video and sign the petition – even if you’re not from Europe you can give us a hand 🙂 : http://www.savenaturalhealth.eu/

See you later this week! Coming up: what to do with your garbage (tip: it doesn’t go in the garbage bin), what I put in my face, how to do cabbage rolls in your hair. And much much more.

Exotik för hud och hår

This is a review about a Swedish book in Swedish. Originally published on arbetarbladet.fi

Få tar hand om sitt utseende så som indiska kvinnor gör. Traditionerna, tusentals år gamla, lever fortfarande starka och man förstår att dra nytta av de växter och kryddor som förskönar. Redan i de indiska mataffärerna på Tavastgatan i Hagnäs märks det här – ofta finner man hela hyllor fyllda med oljor och krämer för hår och hud, innehållande både mera bekanta ingredienser (jasmin, senapsfrön) och mindre så (amla, harithake).

Det är den indiska hudvårdstraditionen, och mer specifikt ayurveda-traditionen, som har inspirerat Lisen Sundgren när hon i sin nya receptbok Lisens indiska spa ger tips på hur man tar hand om .  Ayurveda, som är sanskrit för “kunskap om livet”, är en urgammal indisk tradition inom läkemedel och hälsa, och praktiseras fortfarande aktivt runt om i världen. (more…)

Honey Massage

Check out this youtube clip by Victoria from myhomemadebeauty.com. This is a great exfoliating procedure that will cleanse your skin and help treat acne and cellulite (you can use it on your legs as well).


Swedish Indian spa

What really got me in to experimenting with homemade skin care products was a book called “Lisens örtspa” (Prisma, 2008) by Lisen Sundgren. The title means “Lisen’s Herbal Spa”, but unfortunately it hasn’t been translated yet (you can find it in finnish though, entitled “Ihana kotikylpylä”).

Just a few weeks back, Lisen released her second book – “Lisens indiska spa” (Prisma, 2010), that includes homemade recipes inspired by the Ayurvedic tradition. If you happen to understand swedish, I warmly recommend both of these books.

Like Christmas, only better

I just found – and signed up for – Mother Huddle’s Handmade exchange. Basically you get an address to where you should send something that you have made yourself and then you will get a package with something that someone else has made for you.How very exciting! I wonder what I should make…

There’s a similar thing going on on Facebook, so if you want something handmade by me, find my status update and comment 🙂

Also, check back in a couple of hours for the introduction to my second blog post series, that will be taking place every other Sunday, when I don’t write about hair washing methods. It’s going to be nice-smelling, tasty and vernal!

Hildablue presents: the big hair washing test

hair care

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I haven’t washed my hair with shampoo in over a year. And my hair has never felt better.

See, many shampoos are actually really damaging for hair and scalp. One of the reasons for this is Sodium Layrul sulfate, which I already mentioned when talking about toothpaste. SLS dries out your hair and scalp something terrible, but can still be found in almost all shampoos on the market.

Two other culprits might be silicones and proteins. They both cause build-up in the hair. But this varies greatly from person to person, some hair types love protein/silicones while to some they are a complete nightmare.

Nice smell, naturally

While on the topic of hiding your own smell, inevitably it brings perfumes to mind.

Recently I’ve gotten really interested in perfumes nd fragrances and I have a few different ones that I use and love, for example Armani Code and Serenity by Ghost (I actually fell in love with all of Ghosts fragrances when trying them out abroad, which is quite uncommon, but unfortunately they cannot be bought in Finland). Silly enough of me, I figured that fragrances shouldn’t be that bad for you, I mean you only use them on a very small area of your skin.

Of course that is not the case – perfumes can actually be among the worst things. (more…)

Homemade deodorant

I’m just trying out this simple homemade deodorant that I found the recipe for. I’ll let you know how I think it works after a few days, if you promise to let me know if I stink very badly.

5 reasons to DIY

Now what is this all about, you ask. Why should I throw away all my dearest tigis and diors and cliniques and start making my own mixtures? Well, if you ask me, there are lots of reasons. Some of the main ones:

  • Natural We use on average around 10 hygienic and cosmetic products every day (varying slightly depending on sex). Many of these conventional products are stuffed with things that are completely unnecessary, and most often harmful for the skin and the body. Mineral oils (=petrol more or less), silicons, ingredients that you – even though your eyes would be good enough to see the small print – hardly could pronounce.
  • (more…)