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How To Do A Beer Hair Rinse

Beer Hair Rinse Probably the best hair rinse in the world?

Okay, so imagine a scenario where you find yourself with an extra can of beer. I know, I know, it doesn’t necessarily happen all that often, at least not in our household. But for the sake of argument, let’s just say you do. What to do with said can of beer? Well I have the perfect solution for you – put it in your hair! It’s true – a beer hair rinse will actually give you very shiny, smooth hair and even gives your hair nice volume and body. A beer hair rinse will also enhance natural curls and give life to dull hair. After reading this post, I bet you’ll go out to buy a batch of special hair-rinse beer.


End of Story – Conclusions From The Big Hair Washing Test

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Well, here we are then. My hair washing test has come to an end. Five months and no less than nine different methods later, I am now all the wiser. I hope.

Two weeks per method is not very much. For some methods, it will not have been enough to see the proper results. Also, most of the time I was the only test person, and so the results will be based on how my hair has reacted to the specific method (just ask my friend Ami. She will give you a whole different side of some stories).

But, bearing all this in mind, I hope I have provided you with some information about these hair washing methods and maybe given you some new ideas to try out. If nothing else, at least I can say I’ve had a whole lot of different stuff in my hair. And I have spent a whole lot of money.

Anyway, here’s my two cents. Read more about the methods by clicking the links to the original posts. (more…)

Going nuts!

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soap nuts

And once again I have been lazy with my updating! This time I’ve been traveling back and forth between Copenhagen and Helsinki, with not much time for blogging.

Still, I have washed my hair, and that I have done with soap nuts. Some of you might already use them for washing your clothes or even your dishes, but soap nuts can also be used for washing hair or body. Soap nuts come from India, and they contain saponins, which works just as soap. Get your soap nuts from an organic shop or from the internet.


Washing with clay

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Rhassoul is a clay that is dug in the Atlas mountains in Morocco. It has many other names, including Ghassoul clay, red Moroccan clay or African clay. Rhassoul is, like other cosmetic clays, rich in minerals like silica, potassium and magnesium. But Rhassoul differs from other cosmetic clays in the sense that it has an amazing power of absorption and can thus also be used as for cleansing and detoxing. As part of my hair washing test, I have tried rhassoul as shampoo. (more…)

All About the Conditioner – the Conditioner Only Method

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As our second hair washing method, we have been trying out the conditioner only (CO) method. CO is exactly what it sounds like – cut out the shampoo and use only conditioner. This is quite a common shampoo-free method and is said to work especially well on curly hair, as it fights frizz.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Conditioners, as well as shampoos, contain detergents, and will thus wash your hair. But conditioners use different kinds of detergents than shampoos (that often use Sodium laureth sulfate), which are milder and thus not as drying and damaging. Since the conditioners are so mild, you can use this method as much as you like, every day or just a couple of times a week. (more…)

No poo in your hair

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The first two weeks of The big hair washing test has passed, and it’s time for me to pass judgment on the first method tested: The shampoo free, or No ‘poo method. It’s a bit confusing, since many of these methods are shampoo free, but this one is officially called “the shampoo free method”, and the other methods have different names. (more…)