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Giveaway! Win Customized Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow or Blush

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If you could have an eyeshadow in any color you liked, what would it be? Take a moment to think about that, right now. Because here’s your chance to win your very own customized makeup. In this giveaway, I am going to make one eyeshadow and one blush according to the winner’s wish!

In addition, one of the two lucky winner will also receive a 6-piece set of Eco Tools cosmetic brushes. These brushes have soft bristles made from synthetic taklon and gorgeous bamboo handles. I personally use EcoTools brushes for almost all of my makeup applications and I’ve been very happy with them, as am I sure you will be too.
The set includes a blush brush, eye shading brush, angled eyeliner brush, concealer brush and a lash and brow groomer. In addition, the set also includes a makeup case made out of hemp and cotton, where you can store the brushes and a whole bunch of makeup. You can read more about the set here.

1st prize: One mineral eyeshadow in the color of your choosing, approximately 10 ml. Plus a set of EcoTools cosmetic brushes.
2nd prize:  One mineral blush/bronzer, approx. 10 ml.

Before you enter, please keep a couple of things in mind.

  • The products that you can win in this giveaway are homemade and even though the ingredients I use are cosmetic grade ingredients, they do not have any kind of cosmetic certification.
  • I will do my best to make colors as close to your wishes as possible, but I do not guarantee that they are exactly what  you wish for.
  • The second prize of a customized blush does not include any kind of application brush.

To enter the giveaway, you only need to do one thing. Imagine the shade of color that you would like to have on your eyes and cheeks, and explain them. Should the eyeshadow be bright pink or deep forest green? Sparkly or matte, light or strong color? Would you like a bright red blush that goes perfectly with your 50’s style red dotted dress or something closer to a bronzer for that sun kissed look? Be as specific as possible, and if you have a picture of the color or of somebody wearing your dream eyeshadow, you’re more than welcome to post links.

That’s all you need to do for one entry in the giveaway. For additional entries, do one or more of the following:

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  • Tweet about the giveaway using this tweet or your own:
    Enter #giveaway to #win homemade mineral eyeshadow or blush customized in shade of your choosing! http://bit.ly/sluotI via @hilda_blue

You can have as many entries as you like (up to the six possible), but make sure that you post each action as a separate comment. Simply post a comment saying that you’re like facebook page, follow the tweets or subscribe to the posts. If you already follow/like, you’re also welcome to count that as an entry,

This giveaway is open to participants worldwide and closes on December 4th, 2011. The winners will be selected using random.org and notified by email. Good luck!

Make Mineral Makeup – Part 4: Mineral Foundation

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Playing around with micas and shimmering eyeshadows is fun enough, but here comes the true challenge: making mineral foundation. By making your own homemade mineral foundation you’ll save big bucks, as store-bought mineral foundations can be rather expensive. Plus, you have the opportunity to get the exact shade that suits your skin color! Once you get the formula right, you can make a huge batch that you can keep forever (and when I say forever, I mean forever. This will never go off)

First, we need to make a white base. (more…)

Makeup? Make it! Homemade Eyeshadow and Blush

Now you know which ingredients you need to make your own make-up, and here comes the fun part – the actual making of the makeup! And we’re going to start with the most fun part, that is eyeshadows and blush! When making eyeshadow the possibilities are endless, and you can get any shade you desire – and often a bunch of colors that you didn’t even think you desired.





In addition to many long evenings of fun-fun experimenting, you get makeup that’s a) cheaper, b) longer lasting and c) more natural than most conventional makeup products. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get down to business!

If you still think this seems all too complicated (and believe me, the most difficult part is buying the ingredients), don’t worry – in a couple of weeks time there will be a giveaway with the chance of winning customized eye shadow or blush made by yours truly! So don’t forget to check back in the beginning of November. But until then, start experimenting and I promise you you’ll be hooked in no time! (more…)

Make Make Up – What Do You Need?

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It’s time for the second part of our make up series – which ingredients do you need when making your own cosmetics?

Here’s a list of the the things you’ll need. You will need to make a small investment to get the pigments and stuff that are necessary for making your own makeup, but once you have them, they will last really long – and in the long run you’re going to save a bunch of cash too!

You can order the minerals online – let me know if you need to find a good site.



Taking The Huge Step That’s Actually Really Small – The DIY Makeup Series

When you start creating homemade beauty products, you realize there’s a whole world of opportunities as to what you can create. Many have already realizes how easy it is to make  scrubs, face masks, lip balms, deodorant, lotions, shampoo and bath salts. But I have noticed that only a few start to make their own makeup. It seems like a very big step, somehow.

But let me tell you something.

It’s really easy.

Also, it’s so much fun, that once you get started, you’ll never want to stop.

I had planned on writing a post about making mineral makeup at home. But then I realized I have waaay to much to say. So I decided to split it up. Into four parts. And the grande finale will be a giveaway where you get to chance to win some homemade makeup – personalized just for you!

To make mineral makeup you’ll need to make a few purchases online to get started. More on what you’ll need in the next post, but let’s start with some even easier homemade makeup using ingredients that you’ll find in your local store – or forest. (more…)