Hildablue – soon in an Astra Nova near you

Keep your eyes out for the next number of the feminist magazine Astra Nova, where there will be an interview with me about hildablue. We just finished off the interview and took some cool photos of me with a blueberry facial mask.
The recipe, and some of the pictures, will be posted here when the next Astra Nova is released in May.

Mineral makeup: hot or not?

In the past years, there has been a lot of talk about mineral makeup. Many people have thrown away their liquid foundations in favor of these loose powders. Mineral make-up is generally considered a healthier alternative, consisting only of mineral ingredients. While I do agree that mineral makeup in general is more natural and healthy for the skin, one needs to remember that things are never that simple. There’s a few things to keep in mind when shopping for mineral makeup.


Time for your foot bath!

I know, I promised to write about foot baths already last week. I hope you haven’t missed it too much!

Foot baths is a new craze of mine. I have noticed that when caring properly for the feet, it relaxes the whole body and affects the overall well-being. If you have a head-ache, try a foot bath before painkillers!

Just pour some hot water into a big bowl and you’re off. If you like to, you can scrub your feet with some foot scrub (I’ll provide you with recipes another time), or with a mild soap and a foot brush – pumice stone works nicely. You will probably find that after having added some oil etc. (see below) to your you will not need to moisturize afterward. If you still feel the need, my favourite is plain shea butter, or a lotion with beeswax and a fatty oil.


Hildablue presents: the big hair washing test

hair care

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I haven’t washed my hair with shampoo in over a year. And my hair has never felt better.

See, many shampoos are actually really damaging for hair and scalp. One of the reasons for this is Sodium Layrul sulfate, which I already mentioned when talking about toothpaste. SLS dries out your hair and scalp something terrible, but can still be found in almost all shampoos on the market.

Two other culprits might be silicones and proteins. They both cause build-up in the hair. But this varies greatly from person to person, some hair types love protein/silicones while to some they are a complete nightmare.

INCI for dummies

Look at the picture to your right. How much do you understand of the list of ingredients? Most people will fall off the wagon after “water”.

This is an actual list of ingredients from a hair styling product that I used to own some years back. It was around the time when I was just getting interested in knowing what exactly was in the products I used daily, and after having looked at the ingredient list, I threw the bottle out.

This list contains many weird-sounding names that would be almost impossible to learn by heart. Luckily, there are a few ways that help the understanding of the ingredient declaration, or the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) a bit better.


Get the most out of your lemon

While in Mariehamn, I bought these beautiful perfume bottles from a second hand shop. Unfortunately they still smelled of the old perfumes (and not really nice ones either). I am now trying to soak them in lemon juice overnight, to see if that removes the smell. If it doesn’t, I’m going to try baking soda and finally vinegar.

But there’s a lot more one can do with lemons than just remove perfume smells. And don’t throw away the peels after you think you’re done! (more…)

Still alive (barely)

I am terribly sorry for not having updated in over a week! I have, once again, been terribly busy. I just got back from Mariehamn, where we spent a very interesting weekend on the annual literature festival.
Also I have been extremely busy with the layouting of our fabulous magazine Presens, that will have its release this Friday (Beat root in Helsinki from 6-10 pm, be there!).

Check back during the upcoming week to learn what to put in your foot bath, for help on how to read ingredient labels and of course, the launching of a new blog post series, where I’m going to try out different natural and homemade ways of (possibly not) shampooing the hair. Exciting isn’t it? Yay!

Beeswax Use In Homemade Skin Care

Beeswax is great to use in skin care products. It sets as a waxy surface on your skin, and protects it from the outside, while keeping the moisture inside so the skin doesn’t dry out. Especially now in wintertime,  beeswax is very useful. Beeswax works great on dry areas, and also areas that are often exposed to cold, wind etc.

You can find beeswax in hobby craft stores, where it is sold as an ingredient for making candles. Or if you’re lucky, you can buy it straight from a  bee-keeper. Keep your eyes out on farmer’s markets and similar. Once you’ve bought some, you can keep it forever without it going off. The yellow (unbleached) beeswax might loose a bit in color if exposed to sunshine. According to My homemade beauty, the yellow beeswax is to prefer in skin care, as it contains more Vitamin A. (more…)

Keep you teeth clean and sodium-free

When trying to use all natural products and make stuff yourself, among the most difficult I find is the personal hygiene products, like deodorant and toothpaste. It’s crucial that they are effective, but they might also contain a lot of really harmful stuff.

Before this, I had actually just used normal cheap toothpastes, mostly the finnish brand Oxygenol, that I’m sure most people from Helsinki will recognize mostly because of the red neon sign in Hakaniemi. Oxygenol is an okay brand, but it still contains a few bad ingredients, but still not nearly as much as many other toothpastes.

The main ingredient to look out for in toothpastes is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). It is a foaming agent found in a lot of toothpastes, and is also a very common ingredient in for example shampoos. SLS is a skin irritant and can, among other things, give you aphtious ulcer (look it up on wikipedia if you like, it’s not pretty).

Also of course there’s the fluoride (mostly named sodium fluoride), which researchers have split opinions about. On the one hand, it prevents cavities, but many claim that fluoride in toothpastes is linked to all kinds o diseases, among other things.



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If there is something special within natural skin care that you would like to know more about, or if you are thinking about buying a certain product but don’t know if the ingredients are good or not, I am always open for requests on new posts.

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