Smoothie and soup recipes

Today is the last day of proper fasting. After this Lasse and I will have had four full days of only taking in liquid foods. We decided to stop here, simply because we’re starting to miss solid food, and also Mondays are days when I shoudl be pretty focused so I’d rather have some fruit to chew on.

I have been quite stressed out from school and other stuff lately, which is why there hasn’t been much time to update hildablue. Also not a very good time to be fasting on. The best time to detox would be during holidays, in the summer, when one can relax and focus on oneself. This was not how we did it, though, but it worked well nonetheless.

During our fasting, we have eaten puréed soups and smoothies. For the “soups”, we boiled some veggies, then strained away the water/stock. Then we mixed the veggies, adding hot water until the blend was very smooth. And the stock we drank along the day, inbetween “meals”. (more…)

Last days of solid food

Yesterday, after two days of raw food we were both feeling a bit tired and off. I haven’t felt especially hungry though. In the evening we decided to make oven baked veggies, because we both craved a hot meal.
Today will be the last day of eating solid foods, and it’s going to be a fruit-only day.

When it comes to drinks, we try to avoid caffeine drinks, and mostly stick to herbal teas. I have been scanning the city for this wonderful tea that I had a while back, Balance by Oasis. I bought it from Ekolo last time but they were out now. It’s a great blend with among other things liquorish root and apple.
Some herbs that are good to drink when fasting: dandelion, chamomile, nettle, pepper mint, liquorish root and rosemary. Just to mention a few.

Fasting, day one

I am the kind of person who needs to eat on a regular basis. If I don’t get food every five hours, I get tired and grumpy. But a couple of years back, I had been on a trip to Dublin, and after a few days of greasy fries and Guinness, I started feeling like it would be time for a bit of detoxing. I had a fasting of about a week and, even though I was a bit hungry for the first days, I did feel great afterward!

So now I am doing it again, and I even got my boyfriend in to it. We are planning on doing about seven days, plus three days before and after of settling in.


Grapefruit, yummy!

Yesterday I went wild and bought a quite expensive, ecological grapefruit essential oil. But it smells so nice! Grapefruit e.o. is also good for hair and skin. It is said to make hair shinier, and stimulate hair growth. And it is good for normal to fatty skin and acne.

Nice smell, naturally

While on the topic of hiding your own smell, inevitably it brings perfumes to mind.

Recently I’ve gotten really interested in perfumes nd fragrances and I have a few different ones that I use and love, for example Armani Code and Serenity by Ghost (I actually fell in love with all of Ghosts fragrances when trying them out abroad, which is quite uncommon, but unfortunately they cannot be bought in Finland). Silly enough of me, I figured that fragrances shouldn’t be that bad for you, I mean you only use them on a very small area of your skin.

Of course that is not the case – perfumes can actually be among the worst things. (more…)

Homemade deodorant

I’m just trying out this simple homemade deodorant that I found the recipe for. I’ll let you know how I think it works after a few days, if you promise to let me know if I stink very badly.

Simple facial toners

Toners are easy to make yourselfFacial toners is one of the easiest things that you can make at home. What I do is basically that I have one toner that I put on after washing my face and then an oil that I apply afterward. In the toner I have everything that is water soluble and in the oil the oil soluble stuff. In that way there is no need to use all kinds of emulsions to make the water mix with the oil in a lotion or cream. I just don’t see the point really.

Today I made this toner: (more…)

5 reasons to DIY

Now what is this all about, you ask. Why should I throw away all my dearest tigis and diors and cliniques and start making my own mixtures? Well, if you ask me, there are lots of reasons. Some of the main ones:

  • Natural We use on average around 10 hygienic and cosmetic products every day (varying slightly depending on sex). Many of these conventional products are stuffed with things that are completely unnecessary, and most often harmful for the skin and the body. Mineral oils (=petrol more or less), silicons, ingredients that you – even though your eyes would be good enough to see the small print – hardly could pronounce.
  • (more…)