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Skin Care Product Advertisements – Science vs. Nature

How do cosmetic companies choose to brand themselves? When I was flipping through a catalogue with beauty products, I couldn’t help but notice that the ads were divided into two camps. About half of the advertisements were showing off their new groundbreaking technology, and the other half were talking about their closeness to mother nature.  Even without reading any of the texts, it was very easy to divide all of the ads into two groups.

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In this post, I’m going to take a closer look at the ads that I found in the catalogue, to see how the brands are trying to appear. To make things simple, I call the two groups science ads and natural ads.

I have focused on ads for skin and hair care products in the tax free catalogue. I considered including the makeup ads, but they were not as clearly divided as the skin care products so I simply left them out this time. So I took every ad for skin and hair care ad from the catalogue – 15 in total – and I separated the ads into those that focus on nature and those that focus on research. I was quite surprised to see that each and every one of the 15 advertisements fit either category remarkably well. I put 7 advertisements in the ”science” category – Clarins, Kanebo, Clinique, Estée Lauder, Biotherm, Dr Brandt and Lóreal. The following 8 brands fit the natural category: Lumene, Body Shop, Ren, L’occitane, Weleda, Trind, XL and Boreas. These are all the advertisements from the catalogue: