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Company Checkup: Recipes Grandma Agafia

Funny how these things happen. In the beginning of July, not more than a few days after I had moved to St Petersburg, I got an email from a reader asking me if I knew anything about this skin care brand called Recipes Grandma Agafia (Рецепты бабушки Агафьи). This skin care product line is a russian brand, which isn’t very well known outside of Russia. However, you can buy it cheaply from Amazon.

Naturally, I got very curious and set out to see if I could find this product in St Petersburg. And I did find it at the first place I looked, the big shopping center called Gostiny Dvor. And I was surprised by the cheap prices! I knew it was a relatively cheap brand – at amazon, the products prices averaged at $5. Here, it was much cheaper; a product could be around $2 (and this is still quite the touristy, fancy shopping center). And it’s organic! So I simply bought a bunch of products, to check them out when I got home.

I haven’t contacted this brand to ask about their philosophy, like I’ve done with the other products in the company checkup post series, but I still wanted to give a review of the products I bought and let you know what I think of Grandma Agafia’s recipes.

Recipes Grandma Agafia