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Avocado Seaweed Face/Hair Mask and Seaweed Bath

After my last post about seaweed in skincare, I’ve been doing some more research. That is, I’ve splashed seaweed over my face, in my hair and in my bath water. And the answer is yes. Still love it.

This time let me share a recipe that can be used both on face and hair, and also how to use seaweed in the bath tub which will relieve tensions and aches and help the blood circulation!

In my last post, I was asked about the kind of seaweed to use. As you know, there are tons and tons of different kinds of seaweed, edible ones including kombu, nori, spirulina, wakame… the list goes on and on. And the great thing is, they all have the same wonderful properties for your skin! Of course the nutritional values vary a bit, if you want to read more you can check out this list of edible seaweed on Wikipedia. If you have many types of seaweed at home, you can use a mixture of them when making your skincare products – that way you will get more variation with minerals and vitamins. But one kind is just fine. Like I said, you can buy nori sheets, or look in shops that specialize in Asian/Japanese goods. In health shops you’ll find spirulina and chlorella powder, that both are real super-seaweeds that you can use on your skin and in your hair as well. The powder might also be easier to use than whole seaweed. (more…)

Luxurious Chocolate Mousse Face Mask

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After a pretty rough weekend, I felt I needed a bit of pampering. And what’s better when you need pampering than chocolate? I’ll tell you what – chocolate with whipped cream!

This face mask contains both – perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon, or perhaps a spa party with your friends or a hen’s night (or why not a stag night..)?

The result of this face mask is just so sinfully delicious that you’ll want to eat it all up straight away Please don’t though – I promise you this will do more good on your face than in your tummy (although it might not feel like that at the time). Cacao contains heaps of antioxiants that will keep your skin healthy and glowing. The cream will soften and moisturize your skin. I also added honey to the recipe, which is a great all-round ingredient for whatever problem you have – dry skin, large pores, tired, aged skin – you name it. (more…)

Italian Style Tomato Face Mask

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I keep being surprised by how many of the things you can find in your kitchen cupboards can be used, and are proven to be really effective, skin and/or hair care products. My latest discovery is the tomato, that has turned out to be extremely effective against oily skin, pores and blemishes. Apart from vitamin C and A, that have both been proven effective against acne, the acidity in tomatoes will work as a natural exfoliant, removing dead skin cells and leaving you with fresh, glowing and healthy skin. Not to mention, tomatoes contain a powerful antioxidant called lycopene, which will provide protection against harmful UV rays and also work as an anti-aging agent. All this just from normal everyday tomatoes, can you believe it? (more…)

Roman Bath Soak + Rhassoul Yogurt Face Mask

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For the past weeks when taking a bath, I’ve put heaps of olive oil in the water (about 1 dl), which feels really nice and makes my skin really soft afterward, without being too oily (which is sometimes the problem when oiling after a shower or bath).

But at Spa Index, which has a really good section of easy home spa recipes, I found a recipe that I was very excited to try out. It’s called a Roman bath soak. I know nothing that includes shampoo (like this recipe) should be called Roman anything, but I totally fell for this decadent sounding name. And when pouring this into your bath water you really will feel pampered. No slaves feeding you grapes could have done this better!

This soak will soften your skin and also foam a bit. Plus the fragrance oils will give you an aromatherapeutic experience and will definitely add to the relaxation. (more…)

Mayo Cucumber Face Mask + Indian Henna Review

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When cooking last Sunday, I made tzatziki to go with our quorn patties. When making tzatziki, I like to squeeze out the liquid from the cucumbers, which makes the tzatziki creamy and nice. But as I knew that I was going to make a face mask later that evening, I decided to save the cucumber juice instead of squeeze it right into the sink.

We all know the classical picture of women wearing face masks and having cucumber slices over their eyes. Well, it’s really not that bad of an idea. Cucumbers, and cucumber juice, can prevent wrinkles and soothe dry skin (Shenet.se). It’s also very mild and works for every skin type. You can use cucumber juice instead of water in any recipe that calls for water (or rose water, orange blossom water, infusions etc.).

With my cucumber juice, I decided to make a mayo face mask. Mayonnaise, as you know, contains egg yolks and oil, and is a great ingredient to exfoliate and moisten dry skin. (more…)

Introducing: Sunday Baths!

Like I told you, I recently moved to Sweden and thus to a new apartment. In this apartment I have something that I haven’t had for years and years – a bath tub! Especially since we no longer live in a country where there are saunas around every corner, this is a really nice addition to a wonderful apartment.

L and I decided that we are going to make a habit of ending every week with a long nice bath, and as I beleive and hope this is something we will actually turn into a tradition, I also want to take the opportunity to turn it into a blog post series. Every week, I will make some face mask or similar and tell you all about it. Or hair mask. Or hand treatment. Or feet treatment. Or all of them! I’ve been kind of lazy with making my own face masks, which is funny because I know that’s how many people get into the whole homemade beauty business. So this is also a chance for me to experiment a little bit!

This time, I only did the honey coconut face mask from Annmarie’s skincare line that I wrote about yesterday. The face mask works really well in the bath as well, because the mask is really absorbed into your pores from the heat.
I also did an olive oil treatment for my hair – just applied heaps of oil into scalp and lengths of hair. Oil does wonders to nourish and moisturize your hair. The only problem is that it’s kind of hard to get out. I tried making a mix of rhassoul clay and a little bit of alcohol and water, but it didn’t quite come out, so I ended up shampooing my hair as normal. One tip is to apply shampoo into the hair when it is still dry, so that the shampoo can remove the oil better. I would however like to find another way to get the oil out as I basically don’t use shampoo any more. So if anyone has any ideas, please share! Other wise the experimenting continues. Check back next week for new exciting bath adventures!